Explosion-proof chiller

Air cooled explosion-proof chiller with pump-tank

Industrial chillers are a reliable piece of equipment used in various industries across the globe. It protects valuable facilities and helps raise the safety standards in industrial workplaces. It is not surprising that industrial chillers need to be in good condition at all times to make the most of its benefits.

Handling industrial chillers takes careful and detailed planning. You do not want to compromise the performance of your equipment just because of substandard chiller maintenance practices. To give you an idea of how to maintain your chiller and make it work optimally, take a look at the following:

Water Treatment

As water is a huge component for industrial chillers to function, you need to ensure the water is properly treated. This is to prevent extensive damages such as rust, corrosion, and biological growth. It is better if you can have the water system facilities treated through full-service maintenance.

Chemical Analysis

Apart from the water facilities, you also have to consider chemical analyses. Prevent contamination or chemical imbalance by testing the substances you use(like oil and refrigerants) regularly. Furthermore, you can prevent chiller issues if you understand the level of contaminants, moisture, or acid in your chiller.

Heat-Transfer Efficiency

Heat transfer efficiency plays a large role in industrial chiller performance. Once it starts producing substandard results, it might compromise the whole operation and cause costly delays. Make sure the evaporators and condenser tubes are cleaned either mechanically or chemically. This ensures that the heat-transfer capacity of your chiller does not dip below standards.

Monitor Logs

Lastly, it is important to monitor and keep a daily log of your chiller’s performance. This helps track any changes and can project possible issues in the future. This also guides you with the creation of strategies for streamlining production and improving safety measures.

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