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    Plastics Industry Chillers

    Injection Molding, Extrusion, and Blow Molding Process Cooling

    Plastics Process Cooling Equipment

    Plastic products and production processes are a big part of our lives today. Everything from everyday items such as plastic plates, cups, silverware, to advanced medical and even construction and heavy industry applications, rely on safe, consistent, and clean plastics production processes.

    Plastics are all around us. And because of this fact, keeping plastics production processes cool, clean and safe throughout a demanding operation is essential for the success of plastics manufacturers. Plastics molds are capable of sweating during the production process, which can often result in deformities or spots in the final product.

    Plastics Chiller Applications | Smart Family of Cooling Products


    Plastics Processes and Cooling Applications

    The majority of these plastics processes require cooling of some sort. Whether they are using injection molding, extruding plastic, blow molding, rotational molding, or thermoforming, all of these processes require cooling. The cleanest & most recommended method of cooling is using a plastics chiller. The Plastics Chiller is a closed loop system so no debris from the environment can mix with your process water. The cooling channels in molding applications are very narrow so any debris can cause harm to the process, which in turn, degrades the final product.

    Air Cooled Scroll Chiller | Smart Family of Cooling ProductsIn certain applications like plastics extrusion, rotational molding and thermoforming, the plastic is dipped into an extrusion bath which cools the plastic.

    The water in that bath, however, can become contaminated with plastic granules and pellets. In those cases, it is necessary to use a secondary heat exchanger to separate the process water and chilled water.

    We recommend filtration on the extrusion bath water. Never fear however, as Smart Family can provide the secondary heat exchanger skids as well as the plastics chiller.

    When it comes to cooling your plastics process, quality and reliability should be your number one concerns for choosing the right plastics chiller. With our years of experience as a leader in plastic chiller manufacturing, Smart Cooling Products should be the first and only company you call.


    Our Equipment Cools Plastics for a Variety of Manufacturing Methods


    Plastics Extrusion

    In plastics extrusion, heated plastic is forced through various form shapes to create the shape of parts you desire. Keeping the melted plastic at the right temperature is critical for adequate flow, form filling and fast solidification. Extrusion is well suited to creating long seamless components such as piping, tubing, weather-stripping and door and window frames, as well as continuous coatings on wires and cables. With Smart Family plastics chilling equipment, you can tightly control the temperatures of your plastics extrusion lines and ensure top-quality parts every time. Contact us today to find out about our wide range of advanced chilling products designed for your plastics-chilling applications.


    Rotational Molding

    Another popular plastics manufacturing process is rotational molding. With this type of molding, melted plastic is introduced into a large rotating drum: The spinning action of the drum sends melted plastic into the mold cavities around the outer edge of the drum. Rotational molding allows you to create complex shapes that would otherwise require the assembly of individual parts, saving you time and money. Use rotational molding to create parts such as reservoirs, tanks, display stands, toys, automotive housings and ducts. You can guarantee optimal plastic chilling when you include process cooling equipment on your rotational molding machines from Smart Family for reliable and consistent cooling.


    Injection Molding

    If there’s any plastic process that requires cooling equipment, it’s injection molding, which is the most common method for producing plastics. In each injection molding cycle, cooling occupies 80 to 95 percent of the cycle time. Cooling is critical because it ensures your manufactured parts meet their target dimensions and helps maintain the quality of your production line.

    During injection molding, the melted plastic and the reciprocating screw generate heat, which forces the liquid plastic into the mold. That exerted pressure also builds up the temperature. Smart Family has a variety of injection molding chillers available. Water-cooled chillers are often beneficial for this type of plastic manufacturing because of water’s thermal transfer properties (i.e., increased efficiency). Air-cooled chillers, however, eliminate the cost of water treatments and deliver the same result.


    Blow Molding

    For hollow plastic parts, such as plastic bottles, blow molding is the go-to application. During this process, the plastic is melted, formed into a parison or tube-like shape, clamped into a mold and then filled with compressed air. This procedure expands the plastic into its final form.

    Removing heat from this plastics process at a monitored rate is essential. Cooling the mold too fast or too slow can lead to deformations, making the product unusable and affecting the quality of the entire production line. With our chilling systems for plastic production, that’s not an issue.



    Thermoforming consists of taking large sheets of plastic and heating them to render the plastic more malleable and then shaping them with a mold using air or vacuum pressure. Essentially thermoforming is a more complex version of vacuum forming. As with all other plastics manufacturing methods, maintaining the plastic at the right temperature is key to providing a perfect result. Too cold, and the plastic can break or fail to take the shape of the mold. Too hot, and the plastic can thin or tear in complex bends and shapes.

    Our Smart Family plastics-chilling processes are well suited to a variety of thermoforming industries and products, including the manufacture of shower enclosures, consumer product packaging and plastic furniture and many other large thin-walled plastic products.


    Our Plastics Production Cooling Equipment Delivers Reliable Performance

    When we engineer custom and standard chilling systems for plastic production, we’re focused on the following:

    • Reliability: Your chiller needs to deliver maximum performance every day, all day to provide top-notch, error-free plastics. A dependable chiller also ensures your production line keeps moving, instead of slogging along due to errors.
    • Scalability: Your chiller needs to scale to your unique needs. Removing heat from the processing of plastics requires a customized solution, not a one-size-fits-all That’s why we manufacture several types and models of chillers, as well as custom ones.

    Our experienced team designs and manufactures all our chillers for plastic processes in the U.S. For standard chillers, we have the ability to deliver them within 1 week to U.S. locations, keeping your downtime to a minimum.


    High-Quality Chilling Systems for Your Plastics Production

    At Smart Family of Cooling Products, we offer more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing high quality, reliable and scalable chilling systems for numerous plastic productions. So start your search for the right plastics chilling equipment now by using our chiller sizing calculator or giving us a call directly to discuss your application so we can help create the right cooling solution for your business.

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