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Laser Chiller System

You can ensure that your lasers produce desirable thermal conditions with industrial laser chillers from Smart Family of Cooling Products. Our high-quality laser cooling equipment provides reliable cooling for even the most demanding industrial applications.

How Industrial Laser Chillers Work

Industrial lasers exhibit high-power performance, making them excellent for applications involving cutting, machining, drilling and welding on tough materials. However, these robust systems come with a byproduct — industrial lasers generate high levels of thermal energy during use. This excess heat can be detrimental to the laser, resulting in decreased efficiency, poor functionality and shorter equipment life cycle.

Chillers for laser cooling help mitigate these issues by managing high thermal energy levels, removing heat and transferring it elsewhere to prevent your laser’s components from enduring heat-related damage. Standard laser chillers have recirculating features, delivering coolant between the laser tube and an active refrigerator unit. They comprise four basic parts — a compressor, an evaporator, an expansion unit and a condenser.

The laser cooling cycle works as follows:

  • A low-pressure refrigerant enters the evaporator.
  • The refrigerant is heated within the evaporator and changes into a gas.
  • The gas travels into the compressor, increasing its pressure.
  • The high-pressure refrigerant then moves to the condenser, which uses cooling water to reject the heat and condense the refrigerant into a liquid.
  • The liquified refrigerant travels to the expansion unit, which limits the flow of refrigerant into the system, lowering the pressure and launching into the cooling process again.


Why Heat Control Is Important in the Laser Cutting Process

When it comes to the industrial laser cutting process, the need to stabilize thermal conditions is of the utmost importance. The many benefits of heat control through laser chiller systems include:

  • Visual appeal: Heat regulation results in cleaner metal and silicon cuts.
  • Protection: Chillers keep your laser’s heat-sensitive parts safe by reducing thermal stress.
  • Heat maintenance: Laser chillers maintain precise wavelengths to ensure lasting performance.
  • Efficiency: Laser cooling equipment prevents overheating to ensure that the laser remains stable and efficient.
  • Quality: When industrial chillers manage heat, they prevent the occurrence of beam fluctuations that could compromise quality.


Things to Keep in Mind When Purchasing a Laser Chiller System

If you’re looking to invest in an industrial laser chiller, be sure to keep the following considerations in mind to streamline your purchasing process.

  • Laser power rating: Lasers with higher power ratings require larger capacity chillers to ensure that these powerful machines receive sufficient cooling.
  • Heat load requirements: Each laser has its own unique heat load, or the amount of heat it can generate at optimal performance. It’s important to select a chiller that can effectively dispel your laser’s specific heat load.
  • Circuit materials: Some laser systems are more sensitive to corrosion than others, reacting to ferrous, or iron-based, circuits. You can protect your laser’s integrity by purchasing a chiller with a nonferrous circuit.
  • Dual cooling: Laser cooling equipment with dual cooling circuits is ideal for addressing both of your laser’s primary heat sources. You can adjust both of the chiller’s circuit temperatures independently, simplifying operation through one central system.
  • Installation location: It’s important to think about your installation location before purchasing a chiller, including its physical size, noise restrictions and ambient conditions.
  • Additional features: If you’re interested in extra performance and reliability, consider buying a laser chiller system with additional safety and control features.


Laser Chiller Units for Industrial and Medical Applications

Lasers play a vital role in many industries, particularly in the industrial and medical fields. When speed and quality have to go together, laser is the best technology to deliver precision automated processing for a variety of industrial applications, such as high-speed and extreme-accuracy cutting, welding, perforating, and other specialized tasks. Laser technology is currently at the heart of an array of therapeutic and medical applications.
Laser Chiller | Smart Family of Cooling Products
To ensure optimal performance and extended shelf life of lasers in all applications, temperature control is the key. Managing heat is a crucial task to prevent critical components in laser systems from overheating. Faulty parts could lead to unexpected downtime and loss of potential profit.

What you need is a reliable and cutting-edge laser chiller to remove high temperatures from heat-dissipating parts. There is no better means to cool high-power laser systems than via a tailored solution with a smart design and remarkable features.


Industrial Laser Cooling for Your Applications

With the accuracy and speed many laser applications require, it’s essential to invest in industrial laser cooling. At Smart Family of Cooling Products, our laser chiller systems deliver reliable power that your organization can count on for years.

Examples of the use of our chillers in laser applications include:

  • Cutting: In the manufacturing industry, your facilities may be cutting steel, metals, plastics and other materials 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Because of the heat generated by your lasers and the cut itself, temperatures increase and deteriorate the quality of your beam, which affects your cuts. Our chillers keep those hotter temperatures at bay, letting your lasers meet your production quotas.
  • Welding: Chillers for welding lasers are essential. High heating rates are signature to laser beam welding, leading to lowered beam quality and even vibrations in the laser head. With our custom laser chiller systems, we can keep your lasers at optimum temperatures, so their performance never falters.
  • Perforating: Within the food processing industry, lasers perforate packagings, such as for fruits and vegetables. As most of these packaging materials are plastic, it’s critical for lasers to remain at optimum operating temperature. Overheating can lead to oversized perforations, making your packaging unusable. That’s why our industrial laser cooling systems are designed to deliver dependable performance.
  • Treating: In the medical field, lasers are becoming assistants to surgeons. From eye, dental, spine and plastic surgery to cancer diagnoses and treatments, lasers are working on patients every day. Due to their role, it’s essential for the lasers to remain cool to deliver precise and accurate care. With our cooling solutions for high-powered lasers, your facility can trust your laser beams will stay at optimum quality for any procedure.

Whether you’re in the manufacturing, food or medical industry, you can trust our decades of experience in laser chiller systems to provide a cooling solution that’s not only reliable and powerful, but also long-lasting. Instead of replacing your chiller every few years, you can count on ours to perform for several more, letting you earn a return on your investment.


Smart Family Leads Laser Chiller Manufacturing

Smart Family of Cooling Products is the team you should call to order a state-of-the-art laser chiller for a multitude of applications. With our unsurpassed expertise in customized cooling equipment solutions, we can accommodate your unique needs with excellence. We will build a cutting-edge system based on your design requirements for thermal load, size, operation condition, system footprint, and portability.

We are proud to be the home of many of the top refrigeration technicians in the industry. Each of our experts shares our passion for boosting the performance and lifespan of laser devices in a highly-efficient fashion. Our customized solutions come at reasonable prices to give you access to exceptional laser cooling systems while keeping your costs down.


Get a Laser Chiller Manufactured Direct for Your Laser or Welding Applications

With more than 20 years of experience, as well as an exceptionally experienced team, you’ll reap the incomparable benefits of a customized laser chiller when partnering with Smart Family of Cooling Products. Call us today at 281-540-2805 with any inquiries on our cooling equipment, and our specialists will be ready to assist you.

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