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Smart Family of Cooling Products is a trusted provider of custom air handlers in the United States. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we deliver the finest products that address commercial and industrial refrigeration needs. Our rental air handler units are an industry-leading solution that can help you keep cool.

One aspect where we truly stand out is with our industrial air handlers. Our equipment – from the SBOD, SBID, and SMT product lines – we fit perfectly in various cases of replacements, even in those situations riddled with difficult technical issues. When the standard type of machine you use no longer works, it’s time to talk to Smart Family.

We take pride in the top-notch technology and workmanship evident in our explosion-proof air conditioning units. Our SACP packaged units remain an integral part of the day-to-day processes of the US Navy submarines, the Kellogg’s Eggo Waffle factory, and the Butterball turkey processing plant. We specialize in the following:

  • Replacement – Smart Family has a team of engineers that can provide exact measurements to replace your machine with a new custom air handler. We make sure that the process would ensure a perfect fit in the location using the same connections of the previous equipment.
  • Processing – We are capable of building our machine to withstand static pressure ranges of up to 50″ wg. As temperature is a key issue in many industrial settings, we can design machines that have a 40-degree window in terms of temperature differences.
  • Hardware – Our machines sport stainless steel hardware equipped with coated coils.
  • Applications – Our engineers can include explosion-proof applications in the machine, regardless of the electrical area classification. We arm our equipment with industry-standard anti-static AMCA-certified blowers to ensure safety and quality.

Smart Family is a premier source of custom industrial air handlers that addresses all industrial refrigeration dilemmas. We adhere to the strictest standards of excellence in customer service, workmanship, and output. Our industry-grade equipment and the expertise of our engineers ensure that you get the right solutions for your specific situation. Custom solutions are the way to go when you have to ensure complete coverage of all your needs. In industrial and commercial refrigeration, Smart Family of Cooling Products is your go-to company.

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Industrial Air Conditioning Packages

Explosionproof-AC-UnitLaboratories, control rooms, process areas, and other similar industrial settings call for bigger and better air conditioning units to address all their cooling needs. At Smart Family Cooling Products, we offer custom industrial and explosion-proof air conditioning units that cope well with the temperature demands of different industrial environments.

Our product, the Smart-Breeze packaged air conditioning unit, is the better option when it comes to such settings. The unit’s tonnage range spans from 12 up to 120 tons. Regardless of the air cooling application needed, be it outside air or mixed flow, we can guarantee that our SACP machine will meet the requirements. Temperature differences are not an issue, as the machine can perform excellently even in cases of 35- to 40-degree differentials. What sets our machine apart is our core goal of building every unit with reliability and redundancy in mind.

At Smart Family, we understand that the industrial setting imposes tough demands on every piece of equipment. A few minutes of downtime can already cost the business money, which is why we ensure our machine will not quit on you even if the going gets tough. To achieve excellent service quality, we equip our SACP units with the following standard parts and functions:

  • Multiple, independent refrigerant circuits, each of which equipped with hot-gas bypass standard to improve performance and durability;
  • Installed compressor circuit breaker, suction and discharge isolation valves, suction accumulator, and scroll compressor in every circuit;
  • Stainless steel power heads, coil supports, and drain pans on the Take-a-part TXV-equipped interlaced DX evaporator;
  • TEAO condenser fan motors armed with low-noise fan blades;
  • Independent condenser coils in coated plate fin stock condensers per circuit; and
  • Smart Advance 2 controllers that allow easy integration with every process or building management operating system.

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Smart HVAC Product Solutions

Our industrial cooling units are built to last so your building can keep cool. We take pride in the top-notch technology and workmanship evident in our explosion-proof air conditioning units. Our SACP packaged units remain an integral part in the day-to-day processes of the US Navy submarines, the Kelloggs Eggo Waffle factory, and the Butterball turkey processing plant. Need help deciding which chiller is right for you? Reach out to our expert team to get started.

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