Industrial Chillers

Air Cooled Scroll Chiller

Industrial Scroll Chillers

Air & Water Cooled Scroll Chillers from 2 to 110 nominal tons. Scroll chillers serve as excellent light to medium duty process chillers on smaller applications. We recommend using these scroll chillers up to about 100 ton process loads with only single compressor refrigeration circuits (No Tandem compressors!).

Air Cooled Screw Chiller

Industrial Screw Chillers

Smart Family manufactures air and water cooled screw chillers for industrial process applications. We offer air cooled screw chiller options from 30 to 320 tons and water cooled screw chillers from 30 to 600 tons.

Explosion-proof scroll chiller

Explosion-proof Chiller

Have a chiller application that requires an explosion-proof area classification requirement? We can help. We believe in building XP chillers from the ground up with all the right components. Follow the link to learn more…

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Low Temperature Screw Chiller

Low Temperature Chillers

Smart Family specializes in custom refrigeration equipment. One of our most common applications is low temperature cooling. We provide chillers that can cool brine, glycol mixtures, and even methanol down to -40F. Call us today for more information.

Rental AC Equipment

Rental Equipment

Smart Family specializes in building rental cooling equipment for the rental industry. Our customers purchase our rental chillers, package air conditioning units, and air handlers and then rent them to their end users.

Industrial HVAC equipment

Industrial HVAC Equipment

If your company values high quality, industrial grade HVAC equipment, then Smart Family is the only place you should call for your HVAC cooling needs. We manufacture all of our units from the ground up. Each component is specially selected based on your application requirements. For more information, please follow the link to our main HVAC page.

Integral Pump-tank Station

Auxiliary Equipment

Smart family offers a variety of complementary cooling equipment to help finalize your cooling system. We offer Pump tank skids, cooling towers, and filtration packages, among others. With this full line of products, we can help provide you with the complete process cooling system.

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