Industrial Scroll Chillers | Product Overview

What Is a Scroll Chiller?

A scroll chiller is one of the many types of refrigeration systems in the industry today. It works by compressing the refrigerant and removing the heat from a specific area using a scroll compressor and brazed plate or shell & tube evaporator. Scroll chiller systems have four main components: compressor, condenser, evaporator and metering device (also called a thermostatic expansion valve).

Scroll chillers are often used to cool large areas such as residential buildings, hotels, hospitals and commercial offices. In some cases, they’re used to remove excess heat and keep machinery at optimal temperatures.

Smart Family of Cooling Products is a leading manufacturer and supplier of scroll chillers in North America. Whether you are looking for water-cooled or air-cooled scroll chillers, you can count on us to have what you need.

Features of a Scroll Chiller

Scroll chillers are essential equipment for facilities conducting large cooling processes. They’re suitable for handling different refrigerants and have a more efficient cooling output. If you’re in the market for reliable scroll chillers, look for these features:

  • Multiple efficient compressors: Compressors are vital in the performance of scroll chillers. They should be high-efficiency and high-capacity. For air-cooled scroll chillers, you are going to want an optimized pressure ratio for air conditioning. Try to avoid units with Tandem Compressors on a single refrigeration circuit, as these can become a service liability later.
  • Suitable for various refrigerants: One thing that makes scroll chillers an ideal choice for cooling equipment is their ability to handle several types of refrigerants. Your scroll chiller must be suitable for R410A, R407C, R134A, R454B, or R513A refrigerants. If you prefer a refrigerant that meets the 2025 EPA guidelines, go for the latter two.
  • Advanced control panel: This allows for easy usage and helps operators optimize the machine’s performance.
  • Hassle-free start-up: Efficient quality control and factory testing ensure your equipment runs smoothly. Look for a scroll chiller with a hassle-free start-up to begin operations without a hitch.
  • Minimal downtime: Industrial scroll chillers are expected to operate almost nonstop. That means you’ll want one that requires minimal downtime, especially if you intend to use it to cool entire buildings, hospitals or hotels. In this case, PLC (microprocessor) controllers might not always be your best option. Sometimes simpler methods of system control can be more reliable.
  • Low noise levels: Since the scroll chiller will likely be in high-traffic areas, it’s best if they don’t produce noise. Compressors are the usual culprits in these scenarios, so find a chiller that guarantees low noise levels. This keeps building occupants and passersby from unwanted distractions.

Smart Family of Cooling Products offers an array of industrial scroll chillers for various applications. As one of the country’s most reliable scroll chiller suppliers, we’re confident in the quality of our chillers and other equipment. Browse our catalog or reach out to us for a professional consultation.

Industrial Chillers For Sale

No other company can offer a wider range of industrial chillers than Smart Family of Cooling Products. Regardless of whether you need Industrial Air Cooled Scroll Chillers, Air Cooled Portable Chillers, or Water Cooled Chillers, we have the models that will meet your cooling requirements – without the inflated price.

Not all chillers are created equal. For efficient cooling and long-lasting performance, you can depend on Smart Family of Cooling Products for all your cooling needs.

Do you need a quick chiller quote for an immediate application? Visit our Chiller Genius tool to get your Instant Chiller Quote and even purchase on our website!

Industrial Air Cooled Scroll Chillers

Smart Family of Cooling Products’ Industrial Air Cooled Scroll Chillers are ideal for rigorous chiller applications. Our SmartFreeze scroll chillers are available from 10 tons up to 60 tons capacity and provide efficiency and performance.

Each of these units features a SINGLE compressor on each refrigeration circuit. We strongly recommend avoiding tandem scroll compressor systems. For more details on why, please contact your Smart Family sales engineer. These chillers can also be paired with this equipment with our PTS Pump-Tank station for a complete chilled water system.

Air Cooled Portable Scroll Chillers

Our company offers different designs of air-cooled chillers. Our standard product line chillers include SmartFreeze STAC/STACT/STACT-Eco models. These pieces of equipment are available in different sizes from 1 ton to 80 tons.

Applications for Air Cooled Scroll Chillers

Air cooled scroll chillers – unique applications include:

  • Machine Tools – Extend the life of your machine tools and improve the quality of your cutting and machining with adequate cooling from one of our industrial scroll chillers.
  • Plastics: Injection, Extrusion, and Blow molding – Proper chilling is critical for the quality and consistency of your plastic manufacturing and processing. Guarantee reliable cooling and reliability with our lineup of water cooled scroll chillers.
  • Laser – Accurate laser cutting and welding requires tight temperature controls and removal of excess heat. We have a wide range of air cooled scroll chillers capable of maintaining all of your laser applications at the right temperature.
  • Water Jet – You need reliable water chilling to keep your water jet cutting equipment at optimal operating temperature. Avoid damage to your parts and equipment with one of our scroll chillers for consistent and dependable water jet cooling.
  • Plating & Anodizing tank/rectifier cooling – Your process is designed to work in a very narrow temperature range, and over-temperature conditions can damage your equipment and adversely affect the quality of your plating and anodizing. Choose a Smart Family chiller for better cooling control.

For the more specialized scroll chillers up to 230 tons, we recommend looking at our SCOD industrial chiller product line. With this fully customizable chiller, we can provide explosion-proof and low-temperature options, as well as handle difficult fluids like propylene oxide and methanol.

Here’s a quick look a few of our STAC(T) Chiller models-

Tons @ 45F LWT
95F ambient
Recirc Pump
Tank Size
Unit MCA
Estimated Ship
Wt (lbs)

Portable Water Cooled Scroll Chillers

Water cooled scroll chiller
If you have a pre-existing cooling tower or plan on adding one to your plant cooling, Smart Family of Cooling Products offers water cooled chillers featuring NO Tandem compressors. Available from 10 tons up to 230 tons cooling capacity- this equipment is an excellent choice thanks to its high efficiency and low power usage.

Applications for Water Cooled Scroll Chillers

Our powerful and efficient water-cooled scroll chillers are perfectly suited to a wide range of industrial applications, including:

  • Medical Process Cooling: MRI, CAT and PET scan cooling, operating room AC duty, clean room air conditioning, laboratory testing cooling, etc.
  • Food Processing Cooling: Low-temperature batch process cooling for dough mixers, brine marinade cooling, vacuum meat tumbling/massaging, ice cream and slushy machine cooling, etc.
  • Beverage Processing Cooling: Brewery and beverage process control, ice-machine pre-cooling, water fountain cooling, etc.

For every industrial cooling requirement you have, Smart Family has a solution. Our reliable air and water-cooled scroll chillers will provide you with all the cooling you need along with ergonomic, easy-to-use controls and impressive energy and cooling efficiency. Consider models like our 5-ton, 60-ton and 100-ton industrial scroll chillers for your varied chilling needs.

Comprehensive Industrial Scroll Chiller Solutions

You can choose from our catalog of scroll compressor chillers or let us design a custom chiller that fits your application, space and budget. We’ll optimize our chiller for your process, so you don’t have to adapt your process to an available chiller that doesn’t perfectly meet your needs. You can also reference our guide on how to calculate process chiller loads for your own reference as well.

We understand the ever-changing demands when it comes to cooling- and we are always available to help with your concerns. Browse our durable and efficient chiller units today. Our experienced sales staff is always ready to assist you in designing an effective approach for cooling your plant. Whether you opt for our standard industrial STWC(T) chiller line or our more customizable SCODW chiller line, we can help! Contact us or call us today for your inquiries. Click here for STWCT Scroll W/C Chiller Brochure.

Tons @ 45F LWT / 85F Cond Wtr DImensions
Recirc Pump
Tank Size
Unit MCA
Estimated Ship
Wt (lbs)

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