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Air Cooled Screw Chillers

Our air-cooled industrial chillers are the perfect solution to a process cooling application. These units are built to withstand the harshest of environments. From the deserts of Saudi Arabia to the top of the highest mountains in Colorado, our SSCD chillers can be designed to handle almost any application or location. The SSCD model is available from 30 up to 300+ tons.

We pride ourselves on high-quality, smart HVAC products for our customers. For a more in-depth look at this product line, follow the link.

Air Cooled Screw Chillers| Smart Family of Cooling Products

Air Cooled Scroll Chillers

From our smaller STACT chillers (1 to 40 tons) to our SCOD custom industrial scroll chillers (20 to 110 tons), we offer a full line of industrial scroll process chillers. Some of our benefits are:

  • NO tandem scroll compressors (No nuisance burn-outs destroying multiple compressors at once)
  • Condensers feature all non-lanced fins (Easier to clean & less fouling)
  • Maximum of 16 fins per inch condenser fin spacing (Less clogging from debris)
  • All units feature a suction accumulator to protect the compressor from slugging
  • Each unit has a phase monitor to prevent operating pumps & compressors in reverse
Air Cooled Scroll Chillers | Smart Family of Cooling Products

Industrial HVAC Products

Smart Family of Cooling Products manufactures a complete line of Industrial smart HVAC products, industrial chillers, and air cooled chillers. We offer air handling units, Air Cooled Package Air Conditioning Units, and Water Cooled Package A/C Units. Smart Family can also custom engineer any of these units to meet special design requirements or limited installation space, ensuring that our product fits your specific needs. To visit our Industrial HVAC page, please follow the provided link.

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Industrial HVAC Products | Smart Family of Cooling Products

A Leading Name in Industrial Chillers

Smart Family of Cooling Products is one of the leading names in industrial chillers, smart HVAC products and air cooled chillers. When you trust our team of engineers with your cooling and industrial needs, you are guaranteed expert service and a satisfaction promise.

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