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Package Rental A/C Units

Smart Family specializes in design & manufacture of Rental Cooling Equipment for rental companies. Our Package Air Conditioning units are used by the rental industry to help keep their customers cool and happy.

Demand is at it’s highest during the warm summer months. As such, during this prime season, we stock 28, 40, and 80 ton package units to assist our customers. These stock units can help our customers supplement their rental fleets to meet market demands. Need help determining which chiller is right for you? Our expert team is here to help!

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Smart Family features three different types of package air conditioning units. The three types are:

  • High Static
  • Entertainment
  • Dual Duty

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Package Rental A/C Units | Smart Family of Cooling Products

Air Handler Rental Units

Our rental product line offers an industrial air handling unit that is custom manufactured to withstand the harshest working environments your customers can provide. During the rental season, we stock a 50 and 120 ton model. Other models are available but must be custom ordered.

Each model features a High Static direct drive plenum blower, hydrophilic coated cooling coil with non-lanced fins, a stainless steel drain pan and coil supports, Blower VFD with inline starter and bypass along with Cam-Lok quick connections. Each unit also has a structural steel, stackable rental frame with optional lifting lugs.

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Rental Air Handling Units | Smart Family of Cooling Products

Air Cooled Rental Chillers

Keeping a production process cool is the key requirement in making quality product. When a plant loses a chiller to a failure, they need to supplement that cooling quickly. Rental chillers can provide that temporary boost in cooling until the installed process chiller can be repaired.

Our customers, rental companies, understand this need and offer our SCOD-R rental chillers as part of their fleet. Smart Family also understands this need and offers a line of Air Cooled Chillers for process duty. These SCOD-R air cooled scroll rental chillers are fully rentalized with pre-coated condenser coils, industrial shell & tube evaporator, independent compressors on each circuit, structural steel rental frame with optional overhead lifting frame (Approved by structural engineer).

NEW for 2016, we have added our STAC-R rental air cooled scroll chillers. These units range in size from 5 tons (single refrigeration circuit) up to 25 tons. All units feature non-proprietary chiller controller, Copeland scroll compressor(s), suction accumulator(s), hot gas bypass, and a structural steel rental frame. For smaller cooling applications, the STAC-R chillers are the way to go.

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Air Cooled Rental Chillers | Smart Family of Cooling Products

Auxiliary Rental Equipment

Our rental customers asked for some additional auxiliary products to add to their rental fleets. They asked, and we listened. To complement our capital equipment line of rental products, we have developed the following equipment: Galvanized buffer tanks, digital flow meter, portable cooling coils, and dry coolers.

See more information on our more popular products, including sizes.

Auxiliary Rental Equipment | Smart Family of Cooling Products

Get A Fast Quote On Rental-Ready Cooling Equipment

For a fast quote on Rental-Ready Cooling Equipment, choose our #ChillerGenius. We had our refrigeration equipment engineers pull together a chiller quote wizard to give you instant answers to pricing questions involving your tonnage requirements, cooling materials, and more. Reach out to learn more about our air conditioning rental units and how we can satisfy your temperature control needs. We also have a full inventory of industrial HVAC products available too.

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