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    Chiller Applications

    There are times when our customer has a specific type of application where cooling is required. Knowing that application type can be a giant help in determining what type of chiller and what the operating temperature of fluid is needed. We decided having a list of some general cooling applications would be beneficial to our customers.
    Ice Rink

    Low Temperature Ice Rink Chiller

    Smart Family currently has Ice Rink chillers in operation across North America as well as in Oman, UK, Thailand, & Saudi Arabia. Some of these refrigeration systems have been involved with the Special Olympics & Disney on Ice. We have the experience you need when you are searching for an ice rink chiller.
    Waterjet cooling

    Waterjet Chiller

    Waterjet chillers reduce long term hydraulic cooling water waste, saving you money, and are better for the environment. They also help your waterjet machine performing at its best, which provides you quality results. Helping the environment, lowering your water usage (saves money), and providing you better quality products. Why wouldn’t you invest in a waterjet chiller?
    Ice Rink

    Plastics Chiller

    Plastics manufacturers require 24/7 operation from their cooling equipment. Smart Family has designed and built industrial chiller packages to cool extrusion molding, injection molding, and blow molding applications.
    Smart Family understands that your plastics process demands tight temperature control and extreme operating conditions. Our Scroll and Screw chillers are up to the task!
    Medical Chiller

    Medical Chiller

    Smart Family has a specially designed line of portable scroll chillers for the medical industry. Our medical chillers can be used for MRI, CT Scans (CAT Scans) and PET Scan machines. Call us today for more information.
    Ice Rink

    Laser Chiller

    Fiber lasers, CO2 lasers, and solid state lasers all have one thing in common. They require cooling to perform at their best. We have the right portable scroll chiller for your Laser cooling application
    Brewery chiller

    Brewery Chiller

    Smart Family understands that the number of micro-breweries has grown exponentially over the last few years. Beer needs to be chilled. Luckily we manufacture chillers that can assist with this cooling.
    Explosion-proof chiller

    Explosion-proof Chiller

    When you have a need for an XP Chiller, you should know that Smart Family can help. We manufacture a wide range of Explosion-proof chillers. We have built Class 1, Division 2, Groups C & D approved units from as small as 7 tons and as large as 400 tons. Contact us today to find out more.
    Low Temperature Chiller

    Low Temperature Chiller

    Smart Family designs and builds low temperature air and water cooled chillers that produce chilled fluid all the way down to -40 degrees F. We can do direct cooling of fluids like Propylene Oxide, styrene, and methanol as well.
    Anodizing chiller

    Plating & Anodizing Chiller

    Our staff has worked with the plating and anodizing market for decades. We can help you size your plating chiller for one application or multiple applications. Whether you are cooling a Type II or Type III sulfuric acid tank or a hard chrome process, we should be your choice for cooling.

    Glycol Chiller

    Glycol chillers are at the heart of the refrigeration system commonly used in breweries and wineries. They are the ultimate solution for maintaining an ideal temperature for your food products using a reliable temperature control mechanism.


    Styrene Chiller

    Styrene ChillerStyrene is a fragrant liquid unsaturated hydrocarbon primarily used in making synthetic rubber, resins, and plastics and in improving drying oils. Styrene cooling, styrene chillers and styrene cooling systems, are typically explosion proof due to the electrical area required for handling the product.

    At Smart Family of Cooling Products we build single skid styrene chillers from 10 through 400 tons. In addition, Smart Family Cooling is one of the few manufacturers who can directly cool the product (without the use of a secondary heat exchanger. Being able to directly take styrene through the chiller evaporator typically saves the plants or storage facilities enormous capital expenses. As well as being more energy efficient, the direct cooling chillers also have a substantially lower beginning installation cost. For an in depth look at a particular styrene chiller we built previously, visit our SmartBlog here.

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