Chiller Units for Entertainment Locations

chiller units for film sets

In the sweltering heat, all a director may feel like saying is, “cut!” At Smart Family of Cooling Products, we help your on-location entertainment customers swing into action with our reliable, high-quality rental chiller units for entertainment. Whether you need rental units or a customized solutions, our experienced team can deliver the blockbuster chiller units you’re after — just ask the team behind “The Hunger Games,” or the PGA pro golf tournament.


Rental Ready Chillers for Entertainment Locations

With productions moving across the country and world, you need reliable, rental ready chillers that are designed for those hot locations. We offer well-maintained rental-ready chillers for movie sets and other entertainment, which help to keep actors, directors and camera crew cool, calm and focused.

Available rental chiller units for film sets include:


Package A/C Units

We carry three types of package air conditioning units — high static, entertainment and dual duty, which are available in 24-, 40- and 80-ton Our entertainment rental units are the preferred choice for film sets because they’re compact, portable and quiet. Plus, they’re available as either a direct mount or ductable.


Air Handling Units

Our air handling units are available in either a 50 or 120 model. Each features a high status direct drive plenum blower, plus a stackable rental frame with optional lifting lugs. This rental ready chiller for movie sets is also quiet and packs a lot of power, which will keep your set comfortable for every member of your cast and crew.


Air-Cooled Chillers

With our air-cooled chillers for rent, we provide you with three different options: 10, 35 or 100 tons. While our 10-ton model features a compact size and efficient performance our 100-ton models deliver maximum cooling.

If you’re missing a few parts of your film set cooling solution, we also offer auxiliary rental cooling equipment. From portable cooling coils and dry coolers to digital flow meters and galvanized buffer tanks, you can count on finding what you need for your production.


Advantages of Rental Ready Chillers for Movie Sets and Entertainment

Choosing to bring our chiller units to your film set or entertainment location offers a few benefits, including:

  • Reduced Production Costs: Purchasing chillers is an investment, which can lead to a bump up in your production costs. Rental ready chillers for movie sets are a much more cost-effective decision and remove future expenses, like storing your chillers after your movie’s wrapped.
  • Less Filming Delays: Setbacks during your production, whether due to an unprecedented heatwave or mutiny by an overheated cast and crew can lead to pricey delays in filming, which can put your project in the red. With some chiller units for your film set, you keep your production moving forward.

Another benefit of choosing our chillers? You get to work with us! Not only do we deliver our rental units within 24 to 48 hours to U.S. locations, but we also years of experience partnering with cooling equipment rental companies to provide quiet and efficient cooling for entertainment locations.


Rent or Build Custom Cooling Products for Your Film Sets

At Smart Family of Cooling Products, we’re dedicated to exceeding your expectations — and with more than 20 years of experience, we’ve got a knack for it. With our team’s expertise, we’ll engineer cooling solutions for your film sets that meet your exact needs.


Air Cooled Equipment Solutions

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