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Rental Buffer TankAuxiliary Equipment Built for Impact

At Smart Family, offer a full line of complementary auxiliary cooling equipment for your industrial chiller and process cooling systems. While we detail our custom condensers & dry coolers, pump-tank stations, and glycol pressurization systems here on our site, we also offer a variety of other equipment as well.

Some of these additional auxiliary equipment include secondary plate & frame or shell & tube heat exchangers, closed loop pump skids, in-line and sidestream filtration options, industrial and rental ready digital flow meters, and even cooling towers. This isn’t our full list, but it highlights some of our more popular auxiliary equipment.

Our refrigeration units come with a hot-dipped, galvanized structural steel base frame for durability. The machines also feature coated condenser coils for better performance. We have flexible options on different parts such as stainless steel sheet metal, steel control tubing, steel hardware, and control panel. As for our water-cooled process chiller applications, we offer 70/30 and 90/10 cupra-nickel condenser tube options alongside shell & tube stainless steel evaporator choices.

The industrial environment may be taxing for equipment, but our chillers make sure your processes run efficiently with near-zero downtime. Investing in quality cool production equipment is an integral part of a building’s operations.

Pump-Tank Stations

Pump-tank-packageSmart Family of Cooling Products is a premier provider of premium pump tanks for various industries. Every chilled water tank and cooling tower pump tank we produce is made from first-rate materials, giving you stainless steel, plastic, and fiberglass options.

Our tanks are all customizable to suit your unique requirements and deliver an apt solution for your application. SmartHydronics is a premier manufacturer of pump tank stations designed to be used in conjunction with cooling tower or chilled water systems.

Our tank stations act as a buffer to maintain the temperature stability of our cooling system. We are proud to manufacture both Stainless Steel and HDLPE (fiberglass or plastic) tank stations with complete pump packages. The sizes of tanks range from 50 gallons to 4,000 gallons. Each pump-tank package accommodates one or multiple pumps with remarkable components. Our complete systems include the following features:

  • Construction options:
    • 304 or 316 Stainless Steel tank construction
    • Pressurized Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel construction
    • Linear Polyethylene tank with 2″ polyurethane foam insulation
  • Process pump with 3500RPM or 1750RPM TEFC motor
  • Optional Process and/or Recirculation stand-by pump(s)
  • Optional Recirculation pump with 1750RPM TEFC motor
  • Components mounted on a rigid, structural steel base frame
  • All pumps feature: Discharge pressure gauge, suction valve, triple duty or discharge valve, and suction Y-strainer
  • NEMA rated control panel
    • Pump motor starter(s) with circuit breaker
    • Pump control switches and indication lights
    • Control transformer with primary & secondary circuit breaker

    Each of the seams is completed with 3-pass welds, and then passivated after completion to prevent rusting. Welding is performed only by AWS or ASME approved welders. SmartHydronics has the expertise in construction of open or closed loop pump skid packages. Contact us today for inquiries and find out more information about our solutions.

Glycol Pressurization Skids

Glycol-Pressurization-Skid-300x300Glycol pressurization skids are also referred to as glycol feed pump systems, glycol pressurization units, or glycol make-up systems. They can be used in a wide range of applications including comfort cooling systems, laboratories, and even process cooling systems.

Regardless of the application all of these systems are used to maintain constant pressure within a pressurized fluid storage loop. Essentially, The pressurization units detect pressure losses in the fluid system, which can be caused by leaks within the system. When the pressure becomes to low a pump is activated to add glycol into the system. This maintains the systems required operating pressure.

At Smart Family we saw a need for a more robust and industrial glycol pressurization skid. Traditional GPU skids are built with MDPE (plastic) storage tanks, PVC piping, and low pressure pumps. At Smart Family we can provide glycol make-up systems with 25 or 50 gallon STAINLESS STEEL storage tanks. In addition, we can build these systems according to any plant PRESSURE CONTAINMENT requirements (PCE requirements) and provide industrial documentation to support the units. These units are also hard piped in copper and can be custom designed for any specific plant or customer need.

Air Cooled Condensers & Dry Coolers

Explosion-proof condenserAt Smart Family our sales engineers searched the world to find an industrial explosion proof condenser and industrial explosion proof fluid cooler. After several months of searching, it was discovered that there were many explosion proof commercial alternatives, but very few industrial equipment options.

Therefore, our engineers set out to design and build a true industrial explosion proof condenser and fluid cooler. All of our air-cooled explosion proof condenser and fluid coolers feature PLATE type fin stock, with a minimum 0.006” fin thickness. 100% of our air-cooled products feature coated condenser fin stock.

Our fluid coolers utilize a maximum 14 fins per inch design so that they can be easily cleaned and maintained. For even harsher environments Smart-Breeze products offers 0.008” & 0.010” copper and stainless steel fin stock options, as well as ultra heavy wall copper and stainless steel tube construction. If needed, all of our explosion proof condensers can be built with 304 or 316 stainless steel sheet metal and 316 stainless steel (even B7) nut and bolt construction.

To further add corrosion protection our 3 part industrial paint system can be applied to either the fluid cooler or condenser products. Call your local Smart Family sales engineer so that we can develop a NEMA4, NEMA 4X, or NEMA 7 explosion proof condenser or fluid cooler for you Class 1 Division 2 application today.


Customized Auxiliary Equipment

Our industrial auxiliary equipment can be a great solution for your building’s needs. Contact our team to get started on a customized cooling machine. 

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