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Unit tonnage is derated for ambient temp above 105F*


Low ambient options must be purchased for unit*


* These answers do not affect the unit selection.


* gallons per minute


* For example: Entering Temperature is 45F. Leaving Temperature from Process equipment is 55F. Then Temperature change is 10 degrees F


Unit tonnage is derated for ambient temp above 105F*

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Using the Chiller Genius you can get an immediate quotation for your chiller requirements!

When you have a new cooling application, you want a fast, reliable quote you can count on. Here at Smart Family, we’ve made it easy to obtain an accurate and immediate quote that takes into account all your process parameters and allows you to choose the perfect cooling system. We have your needs covered from 10-ton to 100-ton chillers, so take a moment to get to know our handy Chiller Genius quick quoting tool.

Importance of Chiller Selection

While experienced cooling professionals can make a guess at a ballpark cooling system for a specific application, before placing an order, it’s important to know your requirements. Factors like entering and leaving temperature, flow rate and ambient temperature all have a major effect on your process chilling requirements. Our Chiller Genius quote generator takes these parameters into account and makes three helpful suggestions:

Minimum requirements: This is a quote for the minimum industrial chiller solution that will work for your application. You can be sure this solution provides adequate cooling at an affordable price, though some equipment may be optional.

Acceptable solution: The acceptable solution quote is a smart choice that includes chiller specs that can easily handle your chilling needs. This chiller option can handle small parameter variations and fluctuations thanks to some additional cooling capacity.

Best engineered solution: With this quote, you’re getting our best possible cooling solution for your installation. We include all the equipment necessary for performance, efficiency and reliability for your specific cooling challenge.

It only takes a few moments to fill in our Chiller Genius tool. You can either input your tonnage requirements or we can help you calculate it. Simply fill in the process parameters and we will instantly calculate the industrial water-cooler system necessary for your application. Thanks to the real-time nature of Chiller Genius, you can modify and update as many times as you like to compare different solutions. It has never been easier to find a fast and accurate quote for your industrial cooling system!

Custom Cooling Equipment Options

At Smart Family, we have several different classes of chillers to cover all your industrial cooling needs. Each class of cooler has its own set of advantages and is designed to offer reliable, efficient cooling:

10-ton chiller: Our most compact solution for your cooling needs
35-ton chiller: Cooling for process water and small industrial applications
50-ton chiller: More powerful coolers for single or multiple processes
70-ton chiller: One of our most popular chillers for industrial & rental applications
100-ton chillers Large coolers for big industrial cooling projects

Get an Instant Quote on a Chiller Built for the Cooling Fluid You Use.

Our design team uses three different cooling technologies, depending on your needs. You can choose from ethylene or propylene glycol chillers, as well as standard water chillers. If you’re not sure which fluid to choose, we can help you decide, depending on the specs of your cooling process. You may be equipped in your facility to use a certain fluid or have a preference for one over the others. We can take this into account and design a cooling system to use the fluid of your choice.

On top of these popular chillers, we can propose custom units or multiple refrigeration units that give you all the cooling you need. You simply fill in the parameters of your process and let our Chiller Genius come up with the answer. If you need any help or would like to discuss your proposed quick chiller quote, you can contact us for more information.

A Trusted Partner for All Your Cooling Needs

At Smart Family, we have years of experience as industrial cooling professionals and are dedicated to creating long-term partnerships with our customers. We get to know your business and understand your cooling needs. Our quick online quote means you can get the cooling proposal you need instantly and can contact our team to discuss the details.

We’re proud of our reputation as a leading industrial cooling company and have the technical solutions you need for efficient and reliable cooling. Take advantage of our Chiller Genius tool to obtain your fast chiller quote right now and determine how much cooling you need for your application. You don’t need to be a cooling expert to get your fast quote, so fill in the basic information now and we will instantly display the minimum, acceptable and best solutions.

Once you have your instant quote, you can contact us to discuss your options and we will help you choose the right solution. We offer chillers built to custom specifications and can also propose our rental fleet of chillers that are ready to put to work. Discover our full range of industrial cooling equipment today.