Auxiliary Rental Cooling Equipment

On top of our great selection of high-performance industrial cooling rental equipment, here at Smart Family, we have a selection of practical auxiliary equipment available for rental. All of our equipment is designed for easy installation and hours of reliable service, all at a competitive price. We make it easy to equip your facility or installation with the auxiliary rental cooling products you need, so check out our selection today.

WT500Q Rental Tanks - 500g Rental Tanks

Auxiliary Storage Tanks

Our rental cooling storage tanks are available in standard 250-, 500- and 1000-gallon sizes, as well as custom sizes when required. We build all of our auxiliary storage tanks to be simple to transport and install for fast and easy rental use. Features like hot-dipped galvanized steel construction and certified structural lift frames designed for stacking add value to your rental and make them suitable for a wide range of applications.


Digital Flow Metersdigital flow meter

Choose from three sizes and ranges of rental digital flow meters from our inventory (2″ for 20 to 200 gpm, 3″ for 40 to 400 gpm, 4″ for 60 to 600 gpm)

Depending on your application. You will find practical features like Cam-lock quick connects, PVC housing, tungsten carbide shafts, ceramic bearings and a 6,000-hour battery life for increased reliability and versatility.


Other Measurement Instruments

Here at Smart Family, we have built strong relationships with leading suppliers of auxiliary cooling products and measurement devices. Simply tell us about your cooling system equipment needs, and we’ll find the equipment you need. For flow meters, temperature sensors, system controls and more, we have the rental solution you’re looking for at an affordable price.


Top Convenience in Cooling System Equipment and Accessories

Don’t waste your money buying cooling system equipment and accessories you only need on a temporary basis. Instead, contact a Smart Family sales rep and find out just how easy and convenient it is to rent all of the accessories and auxiliary equipment you need. Tell us about your application, and we’ll help you choose all of the right equipment to make your rental cooling installation more convenient and practical.

Fill out our online contact form or give us a call today. We’ll tell you more about our rental-ready storage tanks, digital flow meters and other auxiliary rental cooling products.

For more information on our Auxiliary Rental Equipment, please view our brochure.