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We are constantly updating our customers on new ideas and equipment tips. Ideas that could help your machine run better and more efficiently. Smart Family thought it would be a great idea to have one place you could visit to gain valuable information on our units and their components. This page, along with our SmartBlog, should keep you on the cutting edge of refrigeration cooling.

Line Reactor Technical Bulletin

This document provides in depth information on what is a line reactor and why do I need a line reactor. It is an excellent teaching article if you use Variable Frequency Drives anywhere in your plant.

Comparison of Smartech Chillers vs Commercial Competitors

Do you wonder about the quality of the chillers you are comparing. How does that commercial chiller stack up against a true industrial manufactured air cooled chiller. We have compiled a data sheet showing some of the important differences between our equipment and our contemporaries’ equipment.

Phase Monitor Bulletin

This bulletin provides valuable information about the phase monitor on all Smart Family cooling systems. The information will help you know if your unit is operating in phase.

Case Study: Entertainment Air Conditioning Problem

Problem: A large rental company had won a bid to cool an extremely large event showcase. In order to cool various tents and warehouses the rental company brought in more than 10 various size AC units, more than 100 sections of 25’ round flexible duct, and multiple generators with distribution panels. As the show continued many of the areas got too hot. As mid-summer arrived, the customer was getting upset because many of the event areas were hot, and had poor or inadequate airflow. At that time the rental company risked losing the job, and the potential revenue the project generated. Read on to learn how this problem was solved….

Case Study: Replacing an Explosion-proof Condenser

Problem: One or our most valued petrochemical customers within the Gulf Coast had a explosion proof process chiller that was less than 10 years old. The chiller was purchased from a USA chiller manufacturer and was built with quality components. Unfortunately, the air-cooled condenser on the approximately 250 ton air-cooled explosion proof process chiller was almost completely corroded due to an H2S release and heavy exposure to Chlorine within the plant. If you want to find our how we solved this problem, click the link to find out more….

SmartAdvance 1 Controller Cheat-sheet

In this document, you can get additional settings information our Smart Advance 1 controller for our SACP rental products.

2014 SACP Product Improvements

Each year, we look at our products and decide where we can make improvements. In 2014, we made some that we wanted to highlight. Please feel to review and keep a copy on file.

Low Pressure Switch modification

Some of our earlier SACP models featured an auto reset low pressure switch. We highlight how to make the retrofit to a manual low pressure switch.

ABB VFD Fault Data

This document contains information on how trace faults on your ABB VFD. This is recommended for authorized service technicians.

Safe-Pak IOM manual

This is the installation, operation, and maintenance manual for Smart Family’s preferred Safe-Pak on our Explosion-proof refrigeration packages.

Low Pressure Switch modification

Some of our earlier SACP models featured an auto reset low pressure switch. We highlight how to make the retrofit to a manual low pressure switch.


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