Package Rental A/C Units

If you’re looking for a powerful and economical rental AC Units, Smart Family has your solution. We’re leaders in package rental AC units and have a wide range of sizes and capacities available to you. Our

Rental Package AC unit

Package AC Unit

experienced team can help determine your rental cooling needs and propose the perfect air conditioning unit for your event or facility.

Smart Family features a complete line of Rental Ready cooling equipment. Our model SACP Air Cooled Packaged Air Conditioning Units can provide a 35-40F (air) temperature difference across the cooling coil
to insure the coldest air is delivered to your clients. The standard high static model can provide up to 8” of total static pressure. These units can provide chilled air even in ambients as high at 100F.

We have three series of rental air conditioning package units: High Static (our most popular!), Hybrid, and Entertainment. Each unit is best suited for a particular application. You can get more information about each type of model below, and we encourage you to contact us for more information.


Benefits of Smart Family Rental A/C Units


There are many benefits that make our units stand apart from our contemporaries. Here are some highlights:
• Suction Accumulator & Hot Gas Bypass on all refrigeration circuits
• Internally Isolated Refrigeration Components
• Stainless Steel Hardware with nylon lock nuts
• Hot dipped Galvanized base and overhead lift frame with fork pockets
• 1000 hour Salt Spray paint with oxide primer & epoxy top coat
• Marked Center of Gravity on all sides of unit
• Marked Weight on minimum of two sides of unit
• Stainless Steel drain pan with installed PVC pea trap drain (within structure of frame)
• Stainless Steel Coil Supports
• Lockable Unit Circuit Breaker
• Circuit Breakers (in lieu of fuses) on ALL devices
• Low Voltage Unit Operator Panel
• Super Bright Indicator LED lights
• Installed 400A Cam-lok Connections
• Non-proprietary Controller with option to run manually
• All air handler sections feature Double Wall Construction
• Filter access on both sides of unit
• Premium efficient TEFC blower motor

Choosing the Right Rental Air Conditioning Unit

Our experienced team can analyze your needs and help you choose the perfect rental AC unit. We carry three different series of our popular SACP family of AC units. Depending on the size, type and layout of your locale to be cooled, one of these options is the perfect fit:


High Static Rental A/C Units:

Packaged ac units

SACP25V & SACP30A-HS models

Smart Family’s SACP-HS High Static Packaged A/C Units offer an extremely small footprint. These units are designed for 100% outside air applications. Each unit utilizes a high class, AMCA certified high static,
direct drive plenum blower, with is designed for at least 4” external static pressure. As you see on the picture on the bottom right of our cover page, the high static benefit can allow you to move air up a very, very long distance – even over 20 stories vertically! We also have stainless steel sheathed, hermetically sealed finned tubular heating available for these models. The SACP-HS features R-410a refrigerant and also has a dehumidification option available


Hybrid Rental A/C Units:

Rental AC Unit

Smart Cooling also offers a Hybrid Package A/C Unit which is designated by our SACP-Q model. These units feature an oversized air handling section to allow the user to run 100% outside air or a higher volume of recirculating air. With the thought of high volume recirculating air, we have added additional duct doors on this unit as well. Our hybrid unit is available with up to FOUR independent refrigerant circuits, providing it with the maximum amount of redundancy possible. The SACP-H features R-407c refrigerant with the option for R-410a as well as an optional pre-designed electric heat circuit. If you require an explosion-proof classification, these units can be pre-built for Class 1, Division 2, Groups C&D environments.


Entertainment Venue Rental A/C Units:

Rental Smart Familing Cooling

Entertainment events and festivals have their own unique set of cooling demands. You want to guarantee the comfort of your facility or space while minimizing the visibility, intrusion and noise of your cooling system. Our SACP-V Entertainment rental cooling units are compact and easily portable and can be direct mounted or ducted, depending on what suits best. Heated units are available for full temperature control.

Entertainment is a large part of the rental industry. At Smart Family, we can proudly say that we have helped keep actors & actresses cool on various movie and television show sets as well as athletes at various
sporting events. With an unbelievably small footprint and narrow width, these units are easily portable. The SACP-V Entertainment units offer ultra-low noise, even as low as 55dBA! These units are available as
ductable or direct mount. They are designed with integral electrical sheathed heat (optional to order less heat). The SACP-V offers a complete package when it comes to entertainment temperature control.

For full specs on any of our Package Rental A/C Units, please see our complete brochure.


Contact Us for More Rental HVAC Unit Information

We invite you to contact our Smart Family team today and discuss your cooling needs with one of our reps. Together we will determine the best cooling strategy for your event, facility or building and propose the perfect rental air conditioning unit to keep your guests and visitors cool and comfortable.

We look forward to hearing from you and telling you more about our impressive selection of High Static, Hybrid and Entertainment SACP chillers. Contact us today!