Desiccant Dehumidifiers


In some industries, products are extremely sensitive to moisture. To protect those products in processing and storage, it’s crucial to keep the moisture at the correct levels. Desiccant dehumidifiers can help remove the humidity in a space, ensuring the optimal environment for your products.


What Are Desiccant Dehumidifiers

Desiccant dehumidifiers are machines that use desiccant instead of refrigerant to remove unwanted moisture from your building. Here at Smart Family, we are the industrial dehumidifier manufacturer you can rely on when it comes to keeping moisture levels where they should be in your facility.


How Desiccant Dehumidifiers Work

Industrial businesses may have products such as food or metal items that could spoil or become corroded without proper humidity-controlling techniques. Purchasing a large dehumidifier is an excellent solution for all your factory processing needs. Here’s a closer look at how they work.

Inside, the desiccant dehumidifier contains a blower that pushes air through a slowly rotating desiccant wheel. As the wheel turns, processed air runs through three sections of the wheel. Moisture in the processed air gets removed, which leaves it much drier than when it entered the dehumidifier.

In the fourth section of the wheel, heated air flows in the opposite direction with a different blower. This is called reactivation air. The blower has increased temperatures that allow the machine to draw the moisture out of the air. Ductwork moves that moisture out of your facility and transports it to the outdoors.

If you’re not sure what kind or size of industrial dehumidifier unit you need for your operations, we are happy to help.


Benefits of Desiccant Dehumidifiers

Desiccant dehumidifiers can provide many advantages for your facility. These benefits include:

  • Increasing production: Controlling humidity can help stop excess moisture from affecting products and improve the overall result.
  • Condensation prevention: By preventing excess liquid from getting inside any packaging, you automatically increase an object’s quality. You can also stop rust and other corrosion from forming on your equipment because desiccant dehumidifiers remove condensation from the area.
  • Halt growing mold and bacteria: If your facility has excess moisture, it creates the perfect environment for mold and bacteria growth. Keeping your space drier helps to prevent mold and bacteria from being able to develop.

An industrial desiccant dehumidifier enhances every aspect of your manufacturing spaces.


The Applications of Desiccant Dehumidifiers

At Smart Family, we serve a variety of industries for their cooling needs. Our desiccant dehumidifiers are perfect for businesses such as:

  • Pharmaceutical: Many pills come in powder form first before becoming a physical pill. Controlling the humidity for this product prevents the powder from caking, and it aids in keeping the products safe during transportation and storage.
  • Plastics processing: With plastic molds, the material needs to remain at specific temperatures to prevent warping. The excess moisture that a dehumidifier removes helps to maintain high-quality plastic results.
  • Medical: Medical equipment requires specific temperatures to perform well. Having a regulated environment helps keep all equipment sanitary and working as it should.
  • Laser industry: Dehumidifiers produce essential dry conditions for lasers to work correctly.
  • Plating and anodizing: Managing excess moisture keeps metals from rusting and gives you top-quality results.


Commercial Desiccant Dehumidifier Manufacturers

What makes our units stand out?

For desiccant wheel manufacturers, there are typically 2 depths (or thicknesses) of wheel material available. The first size of 200mm is less thick. It is typically used for commercial applications. The second size, 400mm is the thicker option. By utilizing a thicker or deeper wheel, we can get better drying performance. This wheel is typically used for industrial applications. With the deeper wheel, the process air takes longer to pass through the desiccant, and therefore, dryer air is produced at the outlet.

At Smart Family, we only use 400mm thick wheels for our RDDH-EH series. This guarantees the very best drying performance for our rental desiccant dehumidifiers. This, in turn, provides our customers the best DH RENTAL performance in the business.

In addition, we use only NON-Proprietary controls (simple to use). We have also upgraded all blowers to high static models so that you can provide high static pressure (the force behind the air) to your customers.

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