Desiccant Dehumidifiers

What makes our units stand out?

For desiccant wheel manufacturers there are typically 2 depths (or thicknesses) of wheel material available.  The first size, 200mm is less thick.  It is typically used for commercial applications.  The second size, 400mm is the thicker option.  By utilizing a thicker or deeper wheel we can get better drying performance.  This wheel is typically used for industrial applications.  With the deeper wheel, the process air takes longer to pass through the desiccant and therefore, dryer air is produced at the outlet.

At Smart Family, we only use 400mm thick wheels for our RDDH-EH series.  This guarantees the very best drying performance for our Rentalized dehumidifiers.  This, in turn, provides our customers, the best DH RENTAL performance in the business.

In addition, we use only NON-Proprietary controls (simple to use).  We have also upgraded all blowers to high static models so that you can provide high static pressure (force behind the air) to your customers.

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Overview of how a Desiccant Dehumidifier works…