Explosion-Proof Chillers & Cooling Equipment

Explosion-Proof Chillers

Explosion-proof chillerIndustries demand a lot from their machines. As a result, some of these pieces of equipment might be susceptible to explosions inside and outside their circuitry.  For this reason, getting an explosion-proof chiller is essential for many industrial environments. However the manpower and experience necessary to manufacture explosion-proof chillers is rare.

Smart Family of Cooling Products is one of the very few companies that can build explosion-proof machines. Our team of engineers ensures that all our explosion-proof chillers meet the standards of reliable equipment. Our technicians and specialists possess 20 to 30 years of experience in designing machines and other pieces of equipment related to these explosion-proof chillers.

Be it for Class 1 Division 1/Division 2, with area groups B/C/D, we can create machines of exceptional quality. We also offer the option of building the equipment with NEMA 7, NEMA4X, or NEMA4 control panels as compliance with different area requirements. Read our guide on understanding explosion-proof chillers for a better idea of how these chillers are built and why they’re so important.



NEMA Compliance Standards

NEMA is the National Electrical Manufacturers Association, which sets the standards for electrical equipment manufacturing. A NEMA standard is identified by date and number and defines a product, process or procedure by composition, construction, dimension, nomenclature, tolerances, safety, operating characteristics, service, performance, rating and/or testing.



The Technology of Smart Cooling Industrial Chillers

Air Cooled XP Scroll Chiller


Smart Cooling Products are capable of manufacturing chillers that deal with the cooling process of different fluids such as dynalene, styrene, and propylene oxide. With the latest technology at our disposal, we make it a point to create equipment that can process these materials.

Smart Cooling Products is more than a name — we’ve developed entirely new manufacturing designs for industrial explosion-proof chillers that exceed industry norms in efficiency, reliability and safety. We have designed our explosion-proof HVAC equipment to be industry leaders and to provide everything you could possibly need in an XP chiller.

Our clients also have the option of getting custom-made equipment, which can provide a medium of chilled fluid in the form of methanol, propylene glycol, or ethylene glycol.


The Quality of Our Explosion-Proof Chillers

SSCD085 A/C XP Screw Chiller

From the main framework down to the last screw, Smart Family ensures that the equipment can withstand the rigorous environment of different industries, even in coastal and petrochemical settings.

The evaporator is 304 stainless steel with 35000 tube wall thickness on the stainless steel tubes.  Our air cooled scroll chillers are set for Gulf Coast installation.  Fin Condenser is of copper.  The compressor suction and discharge piping is all welded steel.

700g pump tank package included with air cooled explosion proof scroll chiller.


Petrochemical Applications for Explosion-Proof Chillers

Because of their explosion-proof properties, these explosion-proof chillers are suitable for use in petrochemical refineries, grain elevators, chemical production plants, coal mines, oil and gas applications and anywhere else flammable gasses, liquids or vapors present may create a high combustion risk.


Coastal/Off-Coastal Applications for an Explosion-Proof Air Conditioner

Explosion-proof air conditioning equipment is also appropriate for coastal and off/coastal applications like naval operations and off-shore oil rigs. Our team’s experience with chiller compressors for the US Navy lets us produce high-quality work for these applications.

Our units come with a hot-dipped, galvanized structural steel base frame for durability. The machines also feature coated condenser coils for better performance. We have flexible options on different parts such as stainless steel sheet metal, steel control tubing, stainless steel hardware, and control panel. As for our water-cooled process chiller applications, we offer 70/30 and 90/10 cupra-nickel condenser tube options alongside shell and tube stainless steel evaporator choices.

The industrial environment may be taxing for equipment, but our chillers make sure your processes run efficiently with near-zero downtime.

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Explosion Proof Chiller Solutions

Our Smart Family Cooling team can help find the right chiller solution for your building. We provide long-lasting chillers that are customized based on your needs. Contact us today to get started with a smart chiller system.


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