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The metal finishing industry has been growing in leaps and bounds over the last decade. Advancements in manufacturing have led to additional markets for the plating industry. Hard Chrome and Cadmium plating has become more common along with the steady business from zinc (galvanizing) and nickel plating. Our own refrigeration and HVAC units use several components that are hot dipped galvanized (Zinc plated). That includes our plating chiller and anodizing chiller units.

If you ever wondered exactly how the plating process works, check out this video from “How it’s made”.

We mentioned Cadmium plating in our opening paragraph. Cadmium plating is used primarily in automotive and aerospace manufacturing. Here is a bit comical but informative video on not only cadmium plating but also how plastic can be plated as well.

Temperature control is an important part of the plating process. Keeping the rectifier cool and the tank(s) at a steady temperature is imperative to high quality parts. Many plating companies struggle with calculating their cooling load. The equation is fairly simple actually.

Heat Load (BTUs) = Volts x Amps (from rectifier) x 3.412
Cooling Load (Tons) = BTUs / 12,000

Some system designers reduce this total tonnage by a power factor noting system losses, etc. Smart Family chooses a more conservative approach. We use the full value understanding that there are factors to consider including the heat carried into the tank by the parts, outdoor ambient conditions, heat transferred through the tank walls as well as surface and agitation air. With this information in mind, what you need is a rugged and reliable chiller to remove the heat from these processes. There is no better means to cool metal plating systems than via a tailored solution with a smart design and remarkable features.

Smart Family of Cooling Products is the team you should call to order a state-of-the-art anodizing chiller for a multitude of applications. We have unsurpassed experience in designing customized cooling equipment so you can count on us to solve your cooling problems. We will build a high quality chiller system based on your design requirements for thermal load, unit size constraints, special voltages, and special operating conditions (low temperature, high ambient, etc).

We are proud to be the home of many of the top refrigeration technicians in the industry. Each of our service experts shares our passion to increase the performance and prolong the lifespan of both the chiller and your plating process equipment. Our customized plating chillers and anodizing chillers come at reasonable prices to give you access to top notch cooling systems while keeping your costs down.

Enjoy the benefits of a customized anodizing chiller. Contact us today for any inquiries, and our specialists will be ready to assist you.

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