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Medical Chiller

Everyone at some point in their life deals with the medical industry, for better or worse. When you have the need to get an MRI or CAT Scan, you are not only hoping for positive results, but you also want the equipment to function properly the first time. There is a lot of preparation involved as a patient, so having to do the test all over again later due to equipment malfunction is not an option. When reliability and durability are top priorities, it is imperative to choose the best possible option for cooling your medical equipment.
Medical Chiller | Smart Family of Cooling Products
Medical Chillers are very demanding because they are not a constant operating load. Their demand is very cyclical. Meaning that, unlike most process cooling applications, the load ramps up quickly and then dissipates equally as fast. The medical chiller must be able to handle the immediate shock of the load surge and manage to keep the cooling water temperature stable during that time. To do that, a standard mechanical temperature controller will not suffice. We recommend a PLC based chiller controller. Smart Family uses our Smart Advance 3 microprocessor chiller controller. There is an overview video on Youtube of one of our portable chillers with the Smart Advance 3 chiller controller. You can view it below. Please note the color touchscreen.

When you need a medical chiller for your MRI, PET Scan, or CAT Scan machine, Smart Family of Cooling Products should be one of the first places you call. With our unsurpassed expertise in customized cooling equipment solutions, we can accommodate your unique needs with excellence. We will build each cooling system based on your design requirements for thermal load, size, operation condition, system footprint, and portability.

Enjoy the benefits of having a true industrial chiller handling your medical cooling needs. Contact us today for any inquiries, and our specialists will be ready to assist you. Click on the link below to see our base line of Industrial Scroll Chillers.

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