Cannabis and Botanical Oil Extraction Chillers

The cannabis industry expands with each passing year. As the industry grows, cannabis cultivation and extraction facilities gain access to more resources used in other botanical applications. Businesses utilize better cultivation and industrial hemp extraction equipment than ever, resulting in more potent yields across the market. Businesses must implement up-to-date tools to compete with others in the cannabis industry. Efficient tools for temperature & humidity control are one of the greatest necessities for cannabis facilities today.

At Smart Family, our line of industrial botanical oil extraction chillers and package air conditioners help cannabis facilities regulate temperatures during the most crucial steps of the process. We manufacture machines in various sizes to accommodate your facility’s needs. Outfitting your plant with an industrial THC or CBD chiller or AC unit from Smart Family of Cooling Products will enable you to produce the best results.


What Is Cannabis Extraction?

Cannabis extraction is the process of treating a mature plant’s trimmings to isolate the most potent or desirable cannabinoids like CBD, CBN and THC. Professional growers implement hydroponic growth methods to produce the best plants at the fastest rate.

When the plants are ready to harvest, extraction professionals will utilize one of three common methods to remove the desired cannabinoids — solvent extraction, CO2 extraction or ice water extraction. All three of these extraction methods use liquids or gasses as extraction agents, all of which must maintain consistently low temperatures.

With careful attention to detail and the right temperature control resources, extraction technicians produce high-quality CBD, THC and other cannabinoids that medical professionals and businesses use for effective oils, edibles, topicals and other products.


How Cannabis Chillers Work

Cannabis chillers fulfill an essential need for large-scale cannabis cultivation and extraction operations. For the best quality product, it’s essential to have tools that keep the cannabis at a consistent temperature. A cannabis chiller will integrate with an industrial cannabis oil extractor to regulate the temperature of the surrounding air or the extraction solutions.

As a general rule, a cannabis oil chiller will move heat from one place to another through its fluid pumping system and refrigerant. Cannabis extraction chillers regulate temperatures by replacing the warm liquid or gas used for extraction with cooler fluid. In addition to fluid replacement, chillers intake warm fluid to restore it to a usable temperature. Chillers accomplish this fluid restoration through a complex refrigeration process.

During the refrigeration process, the chiller will pump low-pressure liquid in from the extraction process, passing through the evaporator, where the refrigerant removes the heat from the extraction process. The extraction fluid will boil the refrigerant, changing it into a low-pressure gas. This refrigerant gas then enters a compressor to become a high-pressure gas.

The high-pressure gas then enters a condenser, where it mixes with either cool air or water to reduce its temperature and become a high-pressure liquid. An expansion valve will control how much high-pressure liquid travels from the condenser into the evaporator, where the cycle starts again. The chiller will pump the cooler fluid mixture from the evaporator back to the hemp extraction equipment.


Cannabis and Botanical Oil Chiller Applications

Cannabis businesses can use industrial chillers and AC units at nearly any stage of the process. If there’s a need for consistent temperatures, an AC unit or chiller are an efficient tool for the job. Any of the following applications can require a cannabis chiller or AC unit.


Cannabis Cultivation

Botanical chillers are useful for hemp cultivation facilities of nearly any size. These machines facilitate a fertile environment with consistent temperatures in any indoor or outdoor greenhouse using hydroponic growth methods. Industrial chillers can regulate both air and liquid temperatures to produce healthy plants with trimmings ripe with the desired cannabinoids. As an alternative, one can use pre-packaged Air Conditioning units with heat to properly maintain the humidity and temperature in the growth facility.


Cannabis Oil Extraction

Cannabis facilities can see great results using an industrial chiller for cannabis extraction. These machines are ideal for extracting any type of oil, including CBD, THC and CBN. In extraction, chillers intake warm solution after its exposure to high temperatures and output low-temperature fluid. This closed-loop approach allows cannabis facilities to use their extraction solutions with greater efficiency and produce better oils at a lower cost.


Equipment Maintenance

In addition to cannabis production and oil extraction, industrial chillers can regulate machine temperatures to avoid costly damage. Extracting oils and maintaining ideal cultivation temperatures can use a lot of energy, especially in large quantities. Industrial chillers can keep your extraction machines cool as they work, maximizing their longevity.


Factors to Keep in Mind When Purchasing a Cannabis Chiller System

There are various industrial chillers on the market that can be useful in the cannabis industry. When you’re looking for a tool that best suits your facility, here are a few key considerations:

  • Energy needs: Manufacturers design chiller systems at different energy output levels to accommodate different situations. Find a chiller that meets your facility’s energy needs.
  • Temperature needs: Choose a chiller that can cool your extraction solutions or plants to the required temperature.
  • Extraction methods: Each hydroponic extraction method requires different conditions, so choose a machine that matches the method your facility will use.
  • The size of your operation: Consider how many extraction machines your chiller will need to cool. The space in your facility available to store the chiller system (which may be outdoors) is also an important consideration.
  • Intended products: The types of products that will use your oil extract may need different levels of quality. Choose the chiller that produces a yield that matches the intended use.
  • Market vacancies: Similarly, consider which products would be most profitable for your facility to produce. Can you find opportunities to innovate? Base your cooling equipment decision on your business plan.
  • State laws: As cannabis is currently only legal on a state-by-state basis, research the cultivation and oil extraction laws in your state. To learn more, search your state and read its current policies.


Cannabis Extraction Chillers From Smart Family

At Smart Family of Cooling Products, we offer a wide range of industrial chillers ideal for use in the cannabis industry. Our chillers are available in different sizes ranging from compact 10-ton chillers to 100-ton chillers for large industrial projects. And our 80 to 120 ton Package AC units with heat offer an excellent way to control temperature & humidity in your growth facility as well. For more information on our industrial chillers & AC units or to receive a free quote, give us a call at 281-540-2805 or email today.

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