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Explosion-Proof Chiller Applications

Many of today’s production plants, especially in petrochemical, have certain applications that involve highly flammable or even explosive chemicals and fluids. For those particular applications, we must look at even more involved equipment. This equipment is labeled Explosion-proof. Understanding what makes a process Explosion-proof is important. For a more in depth look, we recommend you check out our SmartBlog post on the subject here.
Explosion Proof Chiller | Smart Family of Cooling Products
Smart Family has vast experience in building explosion-proof equipment. We pride ourselves in building each piece of custom cooling equipment from the ground up. In doing this, you, the customer, know that every component on your chiller or HVAC unit is specifically selected for your job. The finished product is the best possible fit for your process cooling application.

You can see a variety of Explosion-proof chillers that we have built for other customers on our product page. Feel free to follow the link below to learn more. Contact us today for any inquiries, and our specialists will be ready to assist you.

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