Do you take your car to get the oil changed when that warning light activates on your dashboard? When the postcard reminder comes in the mail telling you it’s time for a dental check-up, do you call and make an appointment? These are just a couple of examples we face in our every day lives that require us to get maintenance completed, whether on ourselves or something we own. The same holds true for your refrigeration equipment.

Water cooled portable chiller

STWC60S in operation

Refrigeration equipment is finely tuned machinery. Over time and use, not only can some settings require adjustment, the equipment itself can become fouled from its surrounding environment. We recommend having a licensed service technician inspect your chillers and other HVAC equipment at least once every six months. Some of the things our technicians do during an inspection visit include:

– Inspect & clean all condenser coils (Air Cooled units)
– Inspect & clean all evaporators
– Check oil pressure drops & oil levels
– Check & adjust hot gas valve(s), superheat across evaporator(s), and system subcooling
– Check the unit for refrigerant leaks
– Clean off all oil spots on unit so any fresh leaks can be viewed on next visit
– Check all motors

These are just a few procedures that our service techs do during an on-site inspection. Some of these checks are completed during each visit and some only need to be performed once annually.

You wouldn’t risk damage to your car’s engine by delaying an oil change. Would you chance letting your cooling equipment be damaged by something so preventable? After all, when your cooling equipment is down, so are your profits.


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