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Low Temperature Chiller | Applications

Low Temperature Chiller Applications

Many process applications today require extremely cold fluid temperatures to cool them. Standard commercial or industrial chillers cannot achieve low temperatures with their normal unit design. In order to cool below 20 degrees F, it is best to purchase a specially designed low temperature chiller.

Low Temperature Chiller | Smart Family of Cooling ProductsEach custom low temperature chiller is designed specifically for your application. Every piece is hand picked to match your design requirements. We can provide all stainless steel structural steel base and condenser supports, a copper fin condenser, stainless steel or cupro-nickel evaporator. While these components are quite special, so is your application. And we want to be sure that you get the best machine to do the best job. After all, once the unit is installed and operating, you want it to keep your process running for a very…..long…..time.

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