The following units shown at the left are a mix of Custom Scroll Chillers & Custom Screw Chillers built for Explosion-proof applications. Majority were built for Class 1, Division 2, Groups C & D classification. We have done some Group B applications as well as Class 1, Division 1.

Custom Industrial Scroll Chiller Design

While most of you know that we design and build large low temperature and explosion-proof chillers (Some pictures of larger units are included here), did you know that we also manufacture modified versions of our smaller STAC and STWC scroll chillers for these same conditions. We have engineered several of our smaller scroll chillers for Class 1, Division 2 explosion-proof installations as well as leaving fluid temperatures as low as -40F.

While our standard industrial MRU chillers are engineered down to every nut and bolt for the most rigorous applications, we know that these smaller custom scroll chillers carry a more cost conscious approach. We try to actively balance component cost versus component quality and longevity. Knowing the design and operating conditions can greatly assist us in component selection as well.

Explosion-proof chiller compressor

Scroll Compressor with XP Prep

However, this cost conscious approach does not detract from the amount of care and precision controls we build into these STAC-XP and STWC-XP chillers. Each chiller is built with components that comply with rated area classifications. Electrical control components are housed in a Nema 4/4X with Z-purge enclosure or in a Nema 7 enclosure, where required.

Components Classified for Your Application

We utilize only intrinsically safe electrical devices on our packages. All sensors, valves, etc, are rated for the area classification where they will be located. If purchasing a piece of explosion-proof equipment, always verify the manufacturer complies to XP spec on the equipment skid as well.

Some manufacturers fail to provide adequate protection beyond the control panel which can leave you susceptible to a costly failure.

We’ve Designed Hundreds of Low Temperature Chillers

Smart Family of Cooling Products has designed and engineered hundreds of low temperature chillers over the years. We have designed low temp chillers for Explosion-proof area classifications. Our engineers have even designed and built units for high (Saudi Arabia) & low (Mountains of Colorado) ambient locations. One particular set of low temperature chillers we built could accommodate operating in an ambient climate from -20F up to 100F while providing -30F process fluid.

Many manufacturers modify commercial chillers for XP locations. The biggest problem with these units is that the condenser is not constructed for this kind of duty. They typically fail way too soon. Our standard units feature condenser(s) prepped for industrial process duty. We also have custom condenser options available. Whether you want a water cooled condenser with Stainless steel tubes and 0.049″ tube wall thickness or an air cooled condenser with electrofin coating and 0.008″ thick aluminum fins, we can help.

All of our low temperature units utilize refrigeration specialties specifically selected for each application. Unlike some of our contemporaries, we do not use the standard stock components on all units regardless of operating conditions. We make sure to select the best refrigeration specialties for your process requirement. All units are manufactured under the strictest practices and evacuated down to 500 microns for a 3 hour vacuum rise test after final assembly. This is our common practice for ALL units. Refrigeration leaks can be terribly costly. We make sure to go the extra mile to safeguard against this meddlesome occurrence.