How One Company Saved Over 2M by Working ‘Smarter’

An Exploding Budget for an Explosion-Proof AC Condenser

Safe and secure industrial equipment is priceless. For many of our customers, explosion-proof air conditioning equipment is a necessity due to the explosive nature of their materials or processes. The problem with this type of installation is some industrial chiller manufacturers lack the experience and flexibility to offer affordable solutions to process chiller and compressor issues.

One of our most valued petrochemical customers on the Gulf Coast had a big problem. Its 250-ton air-cooled explosion-proof process chiller was in need of major repair. After only ten years, the condenser suffered from major corrosion damage due to the presence of chlorine and H2S in the process water. One industrial cooling company provided a replacement quote of over $2.3 million, but the customer needed to find a more affordable solution for an explosion-proof air conditioner.

Finding the Right Explosion-Proof Chillers, Compressors or Air Handlers for Each Client

At Smart Family, we treat every customer HVAC problem the same way — we take the time to study your case and find a unique solution. In this case, our team went in and fully inspected the industrial explosion proof chiller. We learned the excessive replacement cost was due to several factors:

  • The location of the chiller
  • The unique dimensions of the condenser
  • The safety concerns working in an explosive environment
  • Other plant-specific issued related to space and access

Our inspection also revealed that, while the air conditioning condenser was shot, the rest of the equipment was of high quality and in excellent shape. There were years of reliable service left in the air conditioning unit itself, so we turned our attention to the condenser.

Offering Custom Solutions With XP Chillers

This unique problem required a custom solution, which is what we do best here at Smart Family. We designed a replacement condenser that was a drop-in match for the original condenser. To accommodate the legal and safety requirements inherent in the explosive environment, we built it to Class 1 Division 2, Group C & D area classification requirements and included features such as:

  • Explosion-proof motors
  • Anti-static condenser fan blades
  • Rigid conduit with final flexible termination
  • Stainless steel NEMA4X control panel
  • Explosion-proof grade seals

In choosing ultra-heavy copper tubes for the process fluid, 0.006” copper fin stock for the air cooling circuit and stainless steel hardware, we made sure our replacement chiller would provide years of reliable service to this important customer.

Saved Millions on Industrial Cooling Solutions by Working ‘Smarter’

The conclusion? For around $135,000, instead of $2.3 million, and with ZERO unplanned downtime, we replaced the corroded AC chiller condenser and restored peace of mind and explosion-proof conformity to our customer’s industrial process chiller installation. A five-man crew took care of the installation in one weekend and even made additional improvements to the explosion-proof air conditioning equipment to make future fan motor replacement safer and more affordable.

Providing the Best XP AC Options for Your Business

This is the kind of valuable solution we can provide your business when you have an industrial air conditioning problem. Before you jump at the first high-priced quote you receive, contact our team here at Smart Family. We’ll take the time to study your situation and find a convenient and affordable way to get you back to work. We can even get you in contact with one of our trusted Rental Equipment Partners. Our partners provide Smart Family Equipment at reasonable rental rates in regions throughout the US. If you suffer a failure and need to avoid costly downtime. Let us know how we can help you with all of your industrial AC chiller and condenser needs.