When Less Is More: Effective Cooling the Smart Family Way

Sometimes the Right Solution is just ‘Smarter’

When it comes to cooling for hot summer events, simply adding more AC equipment is rarely the solution. At Smart Family, we often get involved at the start of a project and plan adequate cooling from the get-go. In other cases, we are called in when something goes wrong, and the original cooling rental company can’t fix it. One recent example occurred when a concerned event organizer whose big entertainment event was at serious risk of boiling over contacted us.

The rental cooling equipment for their entertainment event was unable to keep the air temperature in their tents and warehouses at a comfortable level, and customers were complaining as the summer progressed. It got so bad the company risked losing the contract. On top of the unbearable heat, the ten individual cooling units, generators and seemingly endless lengths of 25’ ducting made for a cumbersome and intrusive cooling system.

Pinpointing the Issue at the Big Event

When we arrived on the scene, it only took a moment to understand the problem. As a leading AC rental manufacturer, we have the experience to study a situation and find the right cooling solution. In this case, the ten AC units didn’t provide enough cooling for the huge volume of space occupied by the event.

The presence of so many noisy air conditioning units, imposing generators and labyrinth of ducting gave the impression that the original rental company had done its job, but the AC equipment for this entertainment venue had more bark than bite.

Improving the AC Situation for a Big Event

To save the day, we had to yank out the inadequate cooling system and start over. The customer was nervous, but we reassured them we had studied their cooling needs and felt confident our solution would work. Our team got in, pulled the old system and put in place a more powerful cooling system that offered several major improvements:

  • We got the temperature down to 60°F even during the hottest summer days, creating a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere for the entertainment event.
  • We reduced the AC chiller and generator footprint considerably and freed up valuable floor space in the tents and warehouse by locating our four SACP40A-HS high-static air conditioners outside.
  • We replaced the mess of ducts and outlets that were in place with a clean, discrete network of ducting that took less space and directed the cooling where it was most effective.
  • We reduced the amount of noise considerably, down to the 70 dB range, by using our high-performance, low-noise air conditioners and placing them in low-traffic areas.

The Right AC Rental Manufacturer Can Make a Big Difference

Proper entertainment event cooling doesn’t just happen. It takes experience and planning to ensure your AC rental system is up to the task of cooling your event and is as unobtrusive as possible. Thanks to our high-efficiency cooling solution, our customer kept their guests happy and finished their summer event successfully.

If you’re in a pinch because of a poorly thought-out cooling system for your event or want to avoid that kind of problem with your upcoming event, contact our team here at Smart Family today. We’re a leading manufacturer of Package AC Units that will exceed your expectations with the efficient and effective cooling your event requires.