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At Smart Family of Cooling Products, we want to provide our customers with the most relevant and up to date information available. With this in mind, we wanted to include easy to access start-up videos for the United Rentals Sales & Service team.

This particular video demonstrates the start-up of our 10 ton Industrial Scroll Chiller (STAC10S-R). We appreciate you taking the time to watch and we hope this is a helpful tool for your team.

Start-up for Smart Family 10 Ton Chiller


STEP 1: Determine if application will require the integral chiller pump included on the skid, or if the application requires a field pump.

Follow the instructions on the black and yellow tags to ensure fluid side isolation valves are in the right position

STEP 2: Check the fluid‐side inlet strainer. Clean if needed.

STEP 3: Verify that all access panels are installed on the unit. Note: if condenser access panels are removed the unit will not run (it will likely trip a safety)

STEP 4: Confirm that all circuit breakers are in the on position. There are both single and 3 pole circuit breakers on the unit (all should be in the ON position)

STEP 5: Apply power to the unit:

******* The unit is equipped with a voltage and phase monitor relay. The device protects against over and under voltage, imbalance, and incorrect phasing. If any items are not within the devices power requirements the INCORRECT POWER light will be lit. The device also has a minimum 15 second start‐up timer (light will be powered for the first 15 seconds on start). If INCORRECT POWER light is lit after 90 seconds, correct incorrect power situation.

STEP 6: If using the onboard integral pump, turn the pump switch to the on position. Allow the pump to run for 5 minutes to establish constant flow before enabling cooling.

STEP 7: If the units is provided with compressor isolation switches, turn the switch to the on position. Then set the A350 cooling controller to the desired temperature. The controller controls off return (entering) fluid temperature

Notes: the unit has multiple safeties. Many are manual reset including: refrigerant high pressure, refrigerant low pressure, motor overloads and circuit breakers.

It is the customer’s responsibility to always follow the written operating instructions of the unit and maintain safe work practices. Only industry certified and trained professionals should work on refrigeration and HVAC equipment