Comparison of Smart Cooling SCOD vs. Commercial Chillers

Smart Family of Cooling Products have designed Smart Cooling Units to outperform and outlast the competition.  See how we stack up below.

 Chiller Base Frame — Smart Cooling vs. Commercial Chiller Unit:

SCOD085 scroll chiller

  • Smart Cooling SCOD: 12 gauge formed channel steel base, hot dipped galvanized and powder-coated.
  • Base is designed for six-point lifting connections. Offers 6” or 8” hot dipped galvanized I-beam base designed for four-point lifting connections.
  • Commercial units: Typically, 16-gauge sheet metal formed into channel.
  • Smart Family features a stronger, more corrosion-resistant frame for your chiller.

Chiller Frame Pieces and Paneling:

Scroll Chiller

  • Smart Cooling: 12-gauge sheet metal tubular supports, 16-gauge condenser frame pieces,
  • 20 gauge panels.
  • Commercial units: 22-26 gauge panels, 20 gauge bent form supports.
  • Smart Family pieces last longer and work better.


Compressor — Smart Cooling vs. Commercial Chiller Comparison:

  • Smart Cooling: High efficiency Scroll compressor available in single or tandem configuration, with internal motor protection, suction & liquid line service valves. Optional NO Tandem scroll sets for more reliable and service-friendly construction.
  • Commercial Chiller Specs: Standard offering is multiple tandem scroll compressor sets. A single compressor failure can destroy all compressors in the tandem set. Scroll compressors are not serviceable/repairable.
  • You may not want to risk having your chiller unit fail because of one compressor breakdown. Smart Family’s SCOD is designed with a single compressor configuration option to give you added redundancy and reliability.


Smart Cooling Evaporator vs. Commercial Evaporator Comparison

  • Smart Cooling SCOD: Brazed plate evaporators with option of shell & tube evaporator
  • Commercial Chiller Units: Most feature brazed plate evaporators
  • Smart Cooling gives you the flexibility of multiple evaporator options.


Smart Cooling Air-Cooled Condenser vs Commercial Condensor Comparison:

  • Smart Cooling SCOD: Super high efficient TEAO fan motors, inverter duty rated. Low-noise fan blades (as low as 66dBA). Non-lanced hydrophilic coated aluminum fins, 0.0055” thickness.
  • Maximum 14 fins per inch.
  • Commercial units: Lanced fins (difficult to clean and susceptible to clogging), 18-22 fins per inch (also increases chances of clogging), 0.0035” thickness.
  • Smart Cooling gives you a quieter fan that is easier to clean.


Smart Cooling Electrical Component vs Commercial Electrical Component Comparison:

  • Smart Cooling SCOD: Non-proprietary Chiller microprocessor featuring free windows based software. Capable of communicating with Bacnet IP, Bacnet MSTP, Ethernet, Johnson N2, Modbus, Modbus Plus, and Lonworks.
  • Circuit breakers for compressors and branch circuit breakers on condenser fans. Individual contactors for all motors. Hard wired overloads on all motors.
  • Circuit breakers for both primary & secondary sides of transformer. Under/Over voltage relay & phase monitor on all units. All wiring run in sealtite conduit inside rigid raceway.
  • Commercial units: Proprietary controller, basic motor controls, with or without fusing on primary/secondary transformer.
  • Smart Cooling’s electrical system is flexible enough for any situation.


Available Options for Custom Smart Cooling Process Cooling Systems:

  • NRC-rated Smart Advance2 micro-controller
  • Stainless steel shell & tube evaporator
  • Stainless steel or 90/10 Cupro-Nickel Condenser
  • Stainless Steel base and/or sheet metal
  • Integrated SS Pump package with or without SS process tank
  • Low-temperature applications to 0F LFT and other custom applications welcome.


To learn more about specific applications for Smart Cooling chiller units, contact us to talk to a Smart Family representative today.