Explosion Proof Chillers by Smart Family

Explosion Proof Chillers What is it? An Explosion Proof Chiller is a Chiller designed for hazardous environments where combustion may occur. Explosion Proof Chillers must meet strict criteria for performance in demanding environments. Applications Include: Petrochemical Plants Grain Elevators Chemical Plants Coal Mines Oil & Gas Offshore Rigging & Drilling Smart Family brings decades of experience to Explosion Proof Chiller design. Our chillers provide: Explosion Proof Design Structural Steel base & Condenser Support Compressor Set for gulf Coast Installation Copper Fin Condenser Welded Steel Compressor Suction & Discharge Piping In your application demands an Explosion Proof Chiller, call us today. 281-540-2805

  • SACP30A HS Package AC Unit
  • ISCOD12TAR5 XP Explosion proof Air Cooled Scroll Chiller