Scroll Compressor Background

Scroll compressors have been around a long time. In the beginning, they were looked as being just a residential or commercial compressors – used on comfort cooling applications. But as the years have advanced, so has the technology. Today, scroll compressors are being used in heavy duty industrial applications as well as rental duty applications. They have become a ‘jack of all trades’.

Cutaway Look at a Scroll Compressor

For a better understanding, check out the cutaway look below of a scroll compressor.

The manufacturer we use for our scroll compressors builds units from fractional HP sizes all the way up to 60HP! Because of these engineering advancements, we can use their scroll compressors for units up to 240HP! Using tandem compressor sets, we could go larger, but from a service stand-point, this is not something we recommend. We utilize single compressors only on our refrigeration circuits. Below, we can see a very well explained background on the scroll compressor. Highly recommended…..

The products where we utilize scroll compressors are our SCOD (Industrial Air Cooled Scroll chillers), our STAC (Light duty Industrial Air Cooled Scroll Chillers), SACP (Industrial Air Cooled Air Conditioning Units), and SLIC (Industrial Portable Air Conditioning Units).

And as mentioned previously, we NEVER use tandem compressors. In our teams’ experience, tandem compressors can be a service liability. If there is a compressor failure, you will typically have debris & contaminants from one compressor being pumped into the second compressor, which then leads to failure of both units. Rather than risk this inevitability, we have decided to keep a single scroll compressor on each refrigeration circuit.

This is just a general overview on Scroll Compressors. But we hope that we have given you enough information to have a better understanding of what powers your refrigeration units. As always, if you require more information, please contact us at 281.540.2805.