We talked in recent weeks about the changes and updates we made to our STAC scroll chillers for rental duty. Today we are going to dive into some of our other rental scroll chillers: Our SCOD-R line of chillers. These units are based off of our SCOD industrial air cooled scroll chillers. The standard industrial chillers are excellent for process and HVAC duty applications, however the rigors of rental duty can be tough on even the most rugged industrial equipment.
Our SCOD industrial chillers feature several value added items like:

  • Multiple Refrigeration Circuits
  • Single Compressor on each refrigeration circuit (NO Tandems!!)
  • Easy-to-access refrigeration specialties for easy servicing
  • Pre-Coated condenser fins for maximum corrosion resistance
  • Heavy gauge non-lanced condenser fin stock for excellent durability
  • Stainless Steel hardware

So what makes the SCOD rental scroll chillers different from their industrial counterparts? Well, quite a few things actually. Here are just the highlights….

  • We upgraded the base to a heavy gauge structural steel base frame and added fork pockets
  • Next, we added an overhead lift frame – also made of structural steel AND engineer certified. This addition allowed for units to be stacked!
  • The standard SmartAdvance2 controller is replaced with a non-proprietary A350 controller
  • Addition of a Chiller Process delivery pump with VFD controls
  • Upgraded to a DX Shell & Tube evaporator
  • We also added additional piping supports to reduce the amount of pipe flexing during transit
  • Did we mention that the 35 ton model can fit 2 wide on a standard truck?!

While we offer the SCOD industrial chillers in a wide range of sizes (from 10 tons up to 130 tons), we tried to limit the unit sizes for rental. Most rental companies see the majority of their inquiries from 25-35 tons up to 120-130 tons. With this in mind, we decided on three sizes: SCOD035, SCOD070, SCOD100, and an SCOD130. Why did we choose these sizes (aside from the typical size requirements)? Well, these units feature a majority of the same components. What that means for our customers is that their spare parts stock can also be reduced. The same compressor is used in all 4 units. The same condenser fan motor and blades are in all 4 unit sizes. Refrigeration specialty components are all the same as well! Truly, only the electrical components see some variation as the unit breaker size varies.

In addition to the standard features, we can also provide completely custom manufactured units. You can see if our unit images, that we have done ALL STAINLESS STEEL constructed units for the most extreme environments. Granted, these type of specialty units carry a longer lead time and increased price point. However when you have specialty applications, we can help you get jobs our contemporaries cannot.

Come to Smart Family of Cooling Products for ALL of your rental fleet needs. Whether it is Rental Scroll Chillers, Rental Air Handling Units, or Package Rental A/C Units, we have what you need to help you meet your customer’s requirements. And did we mention we also have rental auxiliary equipment like Digital Flow Meters and Process Water Tanks? Check out our website for more information or contact us today.