Rental Product Update – A Look Ahead

The 2016 Rental Season is right around the corner. We, at Smart Family of Cooling Products, have been diligently working to develop updated unit designs for the 2016 Cooling Season. We have three new “ready for release” rental product units scheduled for completion this month. Among these are NEW & IMPROVED 5 – 20 ton air cooled rental chillers, a 25 ton vertical air cooled air conditioning packaged unit, and a 30 ton high static packaged A/C unit.

Packaged ac units

SACP25V & SACP30A-HS Rental Products

We have been successfully building packaged ac units for years, but we felt a redesign was due. The 25 ton vertical packaged SACP25V unit is our first completed update. We have been receiving requests for more unit models in this style (vertical discharge with reduced footprint), so we got to work on the product engineering. This unit has the most compact footprint of any of our packaged AC rental products. All of our customers have also stressed quiet operation since these units are often used on entertainment tent applications. We have worked diligently to provide the quietest operation we can without compromising our external static pressure.

How does it work? How is it different in design from our other Packaged A/C Units? This unit pulls air in on lower section and discharges out the top side. It can be directly tied to an entertainment tent for cooling or heating purposes. It is outfitted with SCR modulating heat to provide the most accurate temperatures. Keep your customers at just the right temperature. In addition to the SCR heat, we include adjustable dampers to aid in air flow control. Reliability? VFD’s (Variable Frequency Drives) included on condenser and evaporator fans. Dual condenser & evaporator fans are included as well. If one fan fails, you can still operate at 70% capacity.

Worried about employee safety and ease of use? All components are flush on the exterior of the unit – nothing extends beyond the edge of the base frame. No random pieces extending past the base means no one bumps their head or tears their clothing. All the controls are located on the sides so they are accessible even when in operation. All access can done in the side and back for servicing. Included as a standard is an over/under voltage relay with phase monitor. That lets you know when your generator isn’t supplying the correct voltage, preventing damage to the rental product and your employees. Tent tie down points are also included on the unit.

SACP25V Benefits: Super small, Extremely reliable, Ultra quiet, Tank-like construction (double wall, heavy gauge), Can function as tent rental solution in high ambient areas (And quick set-up on jobs!)

The SACP30A-HS is part of our new and improved PRECISION series of high static units. It can operate in high ambient OR low ambient service. This unit is one of the few rental products available that features BOTH modulating cooling AND modulating (SCR) heating. Get the absolute best in temperature control with our SACP30A-HS! And if that wasn’t enough, get even higher static with this unit than our standard high static units produce! Have to run an excessively long length of duct? This unit can handle the pressure loss. Producing over 10in-wg of static pressure, it can handle almost any high static requirement.

SACP30A-HS Benefits: Extremely high static output, Precision temperature control (Heating & Cooling), Capable of operating virtually anywhere in the continental United States thanks to the condenser controls & design.

Packaged ac units

STAC10D Dual Circuited Scroll Chiller

Again, you have asked and we listened. While we recently added 35, 70, and 100 ton air cooled scroll chillers to our rental season stocking program. (However they do go fast, so don’t delay!) But we didn’t stop there!!! You, the customer, wanted more. Many of you run across applications that require lower tonnage requirements (5-20 tons). With this in mind, we have added our STACT10D-R and STACT13D-R air cooled chillers. We have also implemented a quick ship program for units 10-70 tons that can be available in approximately 4 weeks after order.

We also have additional chiller models available, but we will leave that as a teaser for our next blog post…..

If would like additional information on a rental product, please feel free to use one of the contact forms within our website. You can also call us directly at 281-540-2805. As always, thanks for reading!