You have a rental chiller (or any chiller or cooling tower with a pump) operating at your plant. It doesn’t seem to be delivering the required tonnage. Your technician knows the incoming and leaving temperatures but he has no way to verify the flow going to the process. Well, he could grab a 55 gallon drum and see how long it takes his pump to fill it up, right? (Warning: This will end with the technician soaking wet, the floor covered in water, and you still not having a firm grasp on your true flow rate).

Enter Smart Family’s new Digital Flow Meter. This flow meter is built specifically for the Rental Market. It is designed for indoor or outdoor use. Digital operation means the battery last forever. (Well, almost – approximately 5,000 hours). The meter displays instantaneous flow rate and has available flow totals as well. It can also be quickly and easily field-calibrated. The pipe is made from SCH80 PVC and the quick connects are fabricated of 316 stainless steel. The flow meter is constructed of a PVC housing, PVDF (polyvinylidene difluoride) rotor, 316SS rings, tungsten carbide shafts, and ceramic bearings. If you notice, all the components we have discussed are non-ferrous. In other words, these components won’t rust. There is one downside to this meter. If your fluid is over 140 degrees F or the operating pressure is over 150psig, you can’t use it. But we don’t know too many people operating at either of these conditions, so I think the majority of you will be OK.

Quick disconnect fitting

Quick Connect Fitting with Optional Butterfly Valve

We have a variety of sizes available including: 2″, 3″, and 4″. The flow range varies based on the pipe size. Our 2″ meterregisters between 20 to 200gpm (gallons per minute). The 3″ meter handles 40 to 400gpm. Finally, at 4″, we can read from 60gpm all the way up to 600gpm. For this meter, we can provide 316SS quick connects, plain NPT threaded connection or ANSI 150lb flanges.