Our rental customers have long been asking us to expand our product lines beyond our chiller and air handler products. This year, we made the investment in time and resources to develop our new WT Rental Ready Tank Package as well as our digital flow meter. We will delve into this later in the post.

We want to start this article with some insight into how our company goes to market in the rental industry. Many of our customers are in the rental market. However, we need to define exactly what we mean when we say that. These customers are not the end users that are renting the equipment for their plant. These are the companies that actually rent equipment to their customers. In other words, they purchase equipment from Smart Family adding it to their rental fleet. Then, when a customer calls with a need to rent a piece of cooling equipment, this company will send it out for rent to their customers. Their customer(s) will rent the equipment for a specified period. When the customer doesn’t need the equipment anymore, the equipment is sent back to the rental company.

Cooling Equipment Rental

We understand that the flow of equipment could be confusing to readers. We hope our basic diagram helps to clear things up. The important thing to note is that Smart Family does not actually rent any equipment. We are simply a supplier to the rental companies.

Now moving on to the more interesting items…We have been asked about adding a rental tank line to our list of products. We have completed our first round of tanks for rental applications. The first set of tanks we built were 500 gallons in capacity. They are heavy wall, hot dipped galvanized construction with a structural steel frame surrounding them. They are meant to withstand the most rigorous environments. We have other tank sizes available as well. If your customers are requesting a tank package on-site to supplement their process, call our sales team for more information.

We also recently added a rental ready digital flow meter for our customers. This digital flow meter will accurately help register the fluid flow heading to the process. Having this meter allows you to accurately adjust your discharge valve on your pump(s) to the correct flow and avoid any fluctuations in cooling capacity.