Rental Air Handler

SMT120 AHU – 120 ton Air Handlers

We have a large group of customers that are in the rental industry. These customers purchase rental ready air conditioning equipment from us and then, in turn, rent them to their customers. Because of the severity of this industry, these units must be nearly bullet-proof. No other piece of refrigeration or HVAC equipment will see a more demanding environment then these units entering a rental fleet.

During the high demand rental season (typically March through August), we keep several of these units in stock to help our customers meet their last minute fleet demands. One of these rental specific products is our ‘SMT120 AHU’ rentalized air handling unit. This particular unit can provide a maximum of 12,800 cfm (with 100% Outside Air) and has a maximum static discharge pressure of 8.0″wg. With a compact footprint of 130″L x 88″W and the ability to be stacked, our SMT120 is a real space-saver. All of our coils, including this cooling coil, feature 0.006″ thick non-lanced fins with a hydrophilic coating for maximum life even in coastal environments. The direct drive plenum blower is driven by a variable frequency drive for the most precise control. As you can see from the structural steel frame surrouding the unit, it is built like a tank. While we wouldn’t want it facing any ‘real enemies’, it is more than capable of fighting off your customer’s cooling demands and any severe weather it faces.


Three 120 ton AHU’s stacked

One of the most important features of our rental specific units is that we have a longer depreciation timetable than our competition. Simply put, our units are built to last longer, so you are able to write off their depreciation over an extended time period – saving you money long term.

If you have a need, give us a call today. We still have FOUR units in stock as of August 21st!