SmartHydronics is pleased to announce a new line of quick ship rental tanks. We just shipped our shipped our first 500 gallon tank skid and have nine more in production. These tanks feature multiple small threaded fittings as well as 6″ Camlock supply & return connections, a 1″ drain connection pre-piped with a ball valve, and 3/4″ relief valve. SmartHydronics also can include an (optional) armored sight glass.

The tank pictured was constructed of heavy gauge galvanized steel, but we can also manufacture these vessels in 304 or 316 Stainless Steel. We have built a rigid structural steel channel base and encased it with a tubular steel lifting frame* for added safety. The frame is primed and then painted with a heavy duty epoxy paint to withstand the tough environments that rental equipment can encounter. The galvanized tank is top coated with a epoxy paint to give it an added layer of protection.

Rental Ready Tank Skid

500 gallon Rental Tank

These tanks can be used in various rental process applications. You may have a system thank that needs to be replaced or repaired. The plant may be using a rental chiller that did not come with a pump or tank for chilled fluid delivery. Your process may have fluctuations in loading that could short cycle your chiller without the proper buffer (tank). All of these applications are excellent applications for a rental ready fluid tank.

We have many rental dealers that rent our process equipment nationwide. We would be happy to get you in contact with one of them if you think one of these rental tank stations would be a good fit for you. If you are a rental dealer and have interest in one our rental tank skids, we recommend you contact our sales office for more information (and pricing): 281-540-2805. (Quantity discounts are available if you are thinking about placing a stock order.)

* Tanks should NOT be lifted with the lifting frame when full of fluid.