Smart Family of Cooling Products is proud to announce a New Product Release!

35 ton A/C Scroll Chiller

SCOD035 Rental Scroll Chiller

We are now taking orders for our new SCOD035SCOD070 and SCOD100 air cooled scroll chillers for rental service. The design for these units has been in the works for several years. Our main concern was to keep our heavy duty, industrial quality while making design changes that would greatly benefit the rental companies and their customers. One of the biggest changes we made was significantly decreasing the footprint of the unit to make it more maneuverable and easier to fit into small areas. Along with the narrower footprint, there was a structural steel base frame with engineered lift frame added. The structural steel base has fork truck holes as well as tie-downs. All of the solenoid valves and filter driers are all easily accessible. In fact, we took special care to raise the condenser supports to allow for easier overall serviceability. Due to the great variability of process fluids in rental applications, we also added a Shell & Tube evaporator on the unit in lieu of the more traditional brazed plate cooler. The brazed plate evaporator is good for specific applications where the fluid is free and clear of contaminants. But when you don’t know what the conditions at the site will be, it’s better to err on the side of caution. Shell & Tube evaporators are more tolerant in general of, well, everything. These coolers can handle water, different glycol mixes, D-Limonene, Dynalene, as well as other fluids*. Knowing different jobsites can have different flow requirements, customers can pair the chiller with our one of our rental tanks; utilizing a process and recirculation pump.

Inside the control panel is another adventure into the realm of rental upgrades. With our SmartAdvance Series R controller at its heart, this chiller can not only provide cooling fluid +/-1 degree F to the process, it can also provide technicians valuable information should service ever be required. There is a main unit circuit breaker and circuit breakers are provided for the compressor and condenser fans. These circuit breakers help to protect your motors (and your contactors) from any power spikes.

Stainless Steel Scroll chiller


These new SCOD rental chillers can also be purchased in ALL STAINLESS STEEL construction. The picture to the right is an SCOD100 stainless steel chiller that was placed into service this summer. Quite an impressive unit, if we do say so ourselves. That unit features THREE independent refrigeration circuits. But one of the important concepts of our rental products is that we try to maintain the same components across the entire product line. So the compressor, the condenser coils, condenser fans, refrigeration specialties and the chiller controller are all the same across the entire product line. The SCOD035 has one circuit and the SCOD100 has three circuits with the same components as the 35.

The SCOD035, SCOD70, & SCOD100 are just one line of our rental cooling equipment. Smart Family offers a complete line of rental ready units including packaged Air Conditioning units, air handling units with and without electric or steam heat, and auxiliary equipment. For more detailed information with unit videos, check out our Youtube channel. Keep an eye out for a video on this new SCOD035 air cooled rental chiller. It should be hitting our Youtube channel soon!