All Smart Cooling Products, model SACP rental units (Including models SACP20Q, SACP27Q, SACP40Q, SACP60Q, SACP65Q, SACP80Q, SACP40ANHS, and SACP80ANHS) are equipped with a phasemonitor relay. This relay provides protection against under voltage, over voltage, phase rotation, and phase imbalance.


Impact of Various Issues on Phase Monitor Relay Operations

  • Process Chiller Over Voltage/Process Chiller Under Voltage: If a phase at any time varies from the base line voltage by greater than a programmable percentage, or 10 to 30 percent, the system will record a fault and shut down the motor.
  • Industrial Chiller Phase Rotation/Industrial Chiller Phase Imbalance: If the phasing is out of sequence or unbalanced, the system will record a fault and shut down the motor.


More About the Phase Monitor Relay

This relay is installed within the POWER section of the control panel (within the 208, 230, 460, or 575 voltage control panel).  This panel is typically the left most panel (if the end user is facing the control panel).  The relay (also referred to as the OVR, OUVR, or PMR) is equipped with a timer.

To clarify, the phase monitor relay will not engage the control power side of the relay until the time has elapsed (typically 90 seconds).  The phase monitor relay has an integral indicator light that has multiple color and flashing combinations to inform the user of under voltage, over voltage, incorrect phase rotation, and phase imbalance.


SACP Rental Information

When a SACP rental unit is provided with clean power (with correct phasing) the phase monitor relay indicator light should be in a SOLID GREEN state. After 90 seconds, the control power light should be powered (on the outside of the control panel) if the ENABLE SWITCH is in the ON POSITION. If the control power light does not come on after 90 seconds it is recommended to check the status of under voltage, over voltage, incorrect phase rotation, and phase imbalance.

Please take note that the POWER CONTROL panel of the SACP rental units should only be opened and reviewed by a licensed electrician and/or a factory authorized service representative.  Electric shock and bodily harm can result from contact with any power components.

All current production SACP rental units are equipped with an ADDITIONAL PHASE ALARM / INCORRECT PHASE light on the outside of the 115V control panel door.  This added light gives the customer the ability to determine if incoming power is within acceptable ranges, without being exposed to the POWER control panel.


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