SmartFreeze is happy to introduce our new SmartAdvance3 chiller controller for our scroll chiller products. This new controller features a user friendly microprocessor design with Color Touch Screen.

For more information on our portable chillers and our new SmartAdvance3 controller, please contact your local Smart Cooling Sales Representative.

Controller Features:

  • Real-time superheat & sub-cooling readings
  • Real-time Chiller supply & return temperature readings (and trending data)
  • Automatic Compressor Lead/Lag control with five different operational modes
  • Automatic Pump Lead/Lag control with five different operational modes
  • Built-in Web Server
  • SD slot for additional data storage
  • USB connection for easy software updates
  • Ultra-bright display screen with screen saver
  • Optional BacNet & Lonworks

For additional information on our scroll chillers that feature this controller, please visit the product page: Scroll Chillers