SmartFreeze recently shipped three of our STACT5S-eco chillers to be used in an oil cooling application. The process itself is quite interesting.

The oil is used as a cutting oil that is cools thread cutting equipment for schedule 40 pipe. While the thread cutter is cutting the threads into the pipe, the friction of the process generates heat. The cool oil is sprayed over the tool while it cuts and helps to dissipate this heat. The oil is actually cooled by the chiller via a secondary plate & frame heat exchanger. This protects the chiller from the dirty cutting oil.

Portable Scroll Chiller

An inside look at our STACT5S electrical.

The 5 ton portable scroll chillers were designed to operate at 68F leaving water temperature. The actual oil temperature only needed to be maintained just above 100 degrees (F). Each chiller featured a 13 gallon HDPE chilled water tank (insulated) with a 1HP stainless steel process delivery pump.

In case you were wondering, Smart Family supplied the heat exchangers on this project as well. We do everything we can to be a complete process solution for our customers.

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