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Low Temperature Chiller Offering

At Smart Family, we specialize in low temperature chillers for a variety of applications. We have designed and built multiple low temp chillers delivering from -40F to +5F fluid for petrochemical processes across the entire USA. In addition to our process chillers, Smart Family also has ice rink chillers operating in the USA, Europe and even Southeast Asia. When you need a company with experience in Low Temperature chilling applications, we should be the first company you call.

Below is a range of our products at varying temperature ranges:

  • STACT / STACT-Lite Portable Scroll Chiller: Sizes: 3 to 30 nominal tons | Minimum Fluid Temperature: +20F
  • SCOD Air Cooled Custom Scroll Chiller: 10 to 110 nominal tons | Minimum Fluid Temperature: +20F
  • STWC Water Cooled Scroll Chiller: 3 to 40 nominal tons | Minimum Fluid Temperature: +20F
  • SSCD* Air Cooled Screw Chiller: 30 to 400 nominal tons | Minimum Fluid Temperature: -30F
  • SSCDW Water Cooled Screw Chiller: 30 to 600 nominal tons | Minimum Fluid Temperature: -40F

*Ideal for Ice Rinks and Industrial Process Applications.

We currently have low temperature chillers handling customer’s cooling needs worldwide for companies like: Dow Chemical, Exxon, Shell Oil, Lubrizol, Tyson foods, and many other Fortune 500 companies.

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