Selecting a chiller for a specific application requires planning. To purchase the correct chiller for your facility, you must account for factors such as temperature, location, purpose, cooling fluid, size, safety, voltage and cost. Keeping these details in mind ensures you invest in the option that best matches your unique specifications. Reviewing our chiller selection guide is an excellent starting point for purchasing your next cooling system.

What Do Chillers Do?

A chiller is a refrigeration system that cools equipment to maintain proper temperatures. Chillers prevent heat damage and ensure systems operate smoothly and efficiently. An industrial or commercial chiller system uses refrigerant to absorb heat. Water-cooled chillers use water towers to cool equipment, while air-cooled chillers rely on ambient airflow.

Factors to Consider When Buying an Industrial Chiller

Before purchasing an industrial chiller, determine the right type for your specifications and choose the highest-quality product possible. Here are some aspects that may influence your decision.


Equipment use is one of the first variables to reflect on when buying a chiller. Various applications require different chillers, and understanding which kind you need is an excellent start to the buying process.


For many unit applications, size and efficiency go hand in hand. An oversized chiller can consume more energy than necessary, cutting into your profit margins. Meanwhile, an undersized chiller may struggle to keep up with your facility’s needs. A compact chiller that removes the heat released from your equipment allows you to cool it effectively while saving energy and money. To determine the correct chiller size for your facility, you must figure out your equipment’s heat load, temperature, flow rate and coolant type required.

While many industrial chiller manufacturers offer mass-produced cooling products, it’s best to partner with one that offers customization. An experienced chiller manufacturer can provide cooling options that meet your industry specifications. When you order a custom-sized chiller, you can rely on it to support your unique needs.


The ideal chiller for your company also relies on your equipment location. Outdoor applications are prone to fluctuating ambient temperatures, while the air surrounding indoor applications may reach excessively high temperatures. Because of these natural temperature differences, indoor or outdoor equipment may require particular sizing or specific accessories such as sump heaters, heat tracing, insulated components, or special controls for components.


Installing a safe chiller is crucial for your equipment, employees and facility. If you operate in hazardous conditions or process flammable chemicals, an explosion-proof chiller is essential to preventing potential explosions. Only consult with an experienced manufacturer that designs and builds systems to meet National Fire Protection Association standards.

Temperature Control Needs

Choosing a high-quality chiller is vital for work requiring precise temperature control. Reliable, custom-designed chiller systems offer this feature to prevent damage and ensure your equipment operates efficiently.

You may require a low-temperature chiller if your leaving temperature must remain below 35 degrees Fahrenheit. Choosing the correct chiller ensures your business operations continue smoothly without failure. Reputable manufacturers have the knowledge and technology to design and build quality low-temperature chiller systems, providing you with the necessary temperature control.

Cooling Fluid

Your cooling fluid can affect your chiller system, so don’t neglect this factor. Common cooling fluids are propylene glycol mix, Dynalene heat transfer fluids, water and specialized fluids. Your municipal water supply can contain contaminants that corrode chiller components.

While it’s always best to use a glycol-water mix, your cooling system may require additional filtration if you pull from a city water source. It’s also a good idea to consult with your manufacturer to determine if your operating temperatures can affect fluid viscosity.


Some chillers may have voltages requiring specific electrical work. Determine what voltage your facility can support and how much electrical work your budget allows to decide which type of chiller you purchase. You should also talk to your manufacturer about which voltage options can support more efficient operation.


Cost is also a critical factor. Before purchasing a chiller, consider its upfront cost, operating costs, potential maintenance costs and expected life span. Air-cooled systems typically have a higher upfront cost and more installation work than water-cooled systems. Air-cooled systems also consume a significant amount of energy to power fans, but they can reduce operating costs because they lack the cooling tower that a water-cooled system requires.

Consider your daily usage. While a central chiller typically costs less than a portable chiller, a portable system may provide for your needs better than a central system if you need cooling for various purposes at different times.

A chiller’s return on investment depends on its life span. While one model may have a higher initial cost, it’s worthwhile to get a system with longevity. Comparing different models and designs can help you choose the system with the best financial benefits.

Why Work With Smart Family of Cooling Products?

Choosing a high-quality chiller is essential, and now you know how many factors influence your purchasing decision. Consulting with a reputable chiller manufacturer can help you navigate your options.

Smart Family of Cooling Products manufactures high-quality chillers and offers professional consultation to guide you through the purchasing process. We use our unique expertise to inform each client about available options and determine which systems can best meet their needs. When you work with Smart Family, you can discuss your specifications with a knowledgeable engineer who will help you make an informed decision.

Our experts focus on technical details such as application, sizing, location, cooling fluid, temperature control needs, voltage and safety features, equipping us with the information necessary to design and build effective systems.

As a leader in the cooling industry and one of the top chiller manufacturers in the USA, we have the experience necessary to manufacture chillers according to custom specifications. We are also one of the few manufacturers able to build explosion-proof and low-temperature systems according to strict codes and standards.

Find the Right Chiller With Smart Family of Cooling Products

Purchasing the chiller that meets your specifications allows you to cool your equipment while saving energy and money. Before committing to a product, always consider essential details and consult with a reputable manufacturer about your application.

Smart Family of Cooling Products can guide you through the purchasing process by focusing on your unique needs. We offer reliable, efficient chiller systems to provide your company’s equipment with the necessary cooling you can count on. Contact us to learn more about our wide range of commercial and industrial chillers.