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Smart Family of Cooling Products is your home for the highest quality industrial process cooling equipment. Some of our specialties are custom refrigeration / HVAC equipment for explosion-proof environments and low temperature applications.

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Custom Equipment is where we excel

If you would like to know more about our custom refrigeration equipment, please follow this link. From there, you can learn more about our Explosion-proof chillers, Low Temperature chillers, and auxiliary equipment offering.

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Industrial Air Conditioning

When you have a need for industrial air conditioning in your plant, Smart Cooling should be the only place your turn. We  feature air handlers, package air conditioning units, and even custom designed cooling units.

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SFCP-LOGO-TSHIRT-WITH-TEXT-200Smart Family of Cooling Products takes pride in our decades of experience in the HVAC and process cooling equipment field. We strive to provide you with comprehensive industry solutions that exceed your standards for quality and service before and after your sale.

Smart Family is a leader in the field of industrial refrigeration, specializing in process chillers, rental ready cooling equipment, air conditioning packages, and auxiliary equipment. We have worked with some of the most popular companies today, including Exxon, Shell, Goodyear, Chevron, DuPont, GE, and Solvay.

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Equipment Sales

Smart Family has an experienced team of technical sales people and engineers to assist you with your cooling requirements. We have a full complement of standard process cooling equipment as well as custom designs available.


When it comes to large custom chillers and refrigeration units, Smart Family understands it’s important to keep them running at their peak performance. We offer authorized factory services as well as periodic maintenance inspection contracts.


As a user of industrial equipment, you understand that occasionally things break or wear down. The important part is that when they do, you are quickly and easily able to get replacement parts.

Smart Family Products

Low Temperature Chillers

Customized low temperature chillers available down to -40F leaving fluid temp.

Explosion-Proof Chillers

Air Cooled and Water Cooled chillers designed for hazardous duty service.

Portable Chillers

Air Cooled and Water Cooled portable chillers from 2 to 40 tons.

Industrial Screw Chillers

Industrial Air Cooled and Water Cooled Screw Chillers from 30 to 400 tons.

Auxiliary Equipment

Pump-Tank stations, Dry fluid coolers, Replacement coils, and additional auxiliary cooling equipment.

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Rental Ready Cooling Equipment

Package a/c units, air handlers, and chillers designed specifically for rental applications

Industrial A/C Equipment

Package Air Cooled air conditioning equipment and air handling units for Industrial applications.

Refrigeration Maintenance - Service

Package Air Cooled air conditioning equipment and air handling units for Industrial applications.